Prot Warrior low level pvp which heirlooms

Hello folks,

Was wondering which heirlooms would be better for a prot warrior doing low level pvp. I plan to level in bgs and do some questing and have no interest in tanking dungeons. Does dodge and parry even do anything in pvp?
DPS ones, even when tanking dungeons the tanking ones are completely useless. Low level dungeons are such jokes you'll be fine tanking with the dps heirlooms the entire time you'll have them.
Definitely dps ones, don't forget to pick up the pvp heirloom trinkets though (the medallion one, and there's a new one that is similar to battle master trinkets).... if you got honor to spend, get the pvp one hander and shoulders too, all that resilience helps.

Spend some money to enchant your gear too, crusader on the weapon, beyond that, there's a lot of really cheap enchants that nobody usually buys for your boots, gloves, and wrists. You can usually buy health pots for dirt cheap too, no need to worry about professions though, they generally won't make a big difference until you get to BC content, at which point it's worth getting engineering.

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