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I've noticed over multiple battles that a Warrior with the Talent that restores health at 35% is almost impossible to kill, and hard enough wtih CD's popped. On equal gear against a decent warrior - I may be able to get him to 15% then he either fears or stuns - and he's back to 27 - 30% no problem.

Is anyone else having this problem?
Is their a way to handle it that I don't know - because any type of CC or stun doesn't effect the heal at all. Defense stance reduces damage by 25% anyhow - usually warriors (That are good) will just defense - CC till back to 35% - then go back to town on me. :/

<-- Not a noob, just need a effective way to fight back.
Stuns definitely stop the heal. Just kite and try to get him to trinket and wall before using all your major CDs. After he walls and you have him low, stun him and blow him up. A good warrior can be rough. You have to CC/kite him while he has reck up. You cannot go toe to toe with that.
i dont have a hard time beating warriors. unlike most players i spend my time dueling all day and thinking up strategies to beating classes. (good hunters are 100% unbeatable) with warriors its pretty simple.

an important factor is kiting.

i like using seal of justice to get the slow, but if you really want you can spec into burden of guilt. from the start i try to be close to the warrior, and not let them get the opening charge. first thing i like to do is pop guardian and start letting it stack. i proceed to kite him after i hit him once with a crusader strike.(this is for the increase in pvp power) then i judgement spam and holy prism as he tries to waddle towards me. (this infuriates them and they will yell at you later for kiting as a melee) i do this until i have him right around 145-140k health. this is usually where second wind procs. around then i hoj him, and pop my wings, holy avenger, and trinket and start doing dmg.

a smart warrior will quickly trinket and fear and wall or whatever, and you will rinse and repeat. remember now you must kite longer as you wait for wings, and youll then be able to continue dmging. dont forget to always have inquisition up as well.

good luck !
Just 1 thing... How do u kite a warrior as ret? We have 1 stun and 1 slow and they have 3 charges all on a very short cooldown. So they pretty much never run out of charges
seals or burden = infinite slows

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