<Blur> of Kil'Jeaden 25m

<Blur> of Kil'Jeaden is looking for progression minded raiders. We are currently interested in excellent DPS and healers. We are 5/12 and moving into HMs in the next few weeks.

Times are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 8pm-1130pm st.

For more info or to apply speak/mail with Zeepriest, Legedairy, or Kiera in game or visit http://blur-kj.wowstead.com/

Casuals and sub are welcome also.
8/12 25 Man now
1/13 now
2/13 hm
interested in a 523 fury warrior? 1/13 heroic in 10 man
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8920041933 I could possibly change days and raid with you. The times are perfect and my womans got a different schedule now.

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