10m 2/13H, Weekend Guild LF Mage and Ele Sham


2/13 Heroic ToT


Current Needs

(1) Mage
(1) Elemental Shaman (restoration off spec would be desirable, but not required)

As we are looking to progress in heroics, we ask that you to have experience in all of the normal mode fights, and preferably experience near or greater than ours in heroic content. Also, though gear is not a major determining factor, we would like you to be geared enough to start heroic raiding, without a large amount of gearing up required.

Raid Times

Saturday 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Server Time (CST)
Sunday 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Server Time (CST)

About Us

We originally formed at the start of MoP as a second raid group in the guild Classic on Mal'Ganis. We had a bit of a rocky start in our attempt to secure a full raid group, and spent several weeks seeking out players to fill our roster. Despite this, we where able to go 10/16 Heroic before the release of patch 5.2. We are looking to improve up this progression, and need to expand our roster, so that we can create a diverse and capable raid group of 12-13 main raiders. There are no benched players, and all raiders will be rotated in and out depending upon the needs of the group.

We have a diverse guild make up of adults who all enjoy raiding, and contributing to the improvement of the guild. Our members form a strong community, and often spend time outside of raid socializing in both guild chat and mumble, playing both wow and other games. We like to emphasize community and encourage members to have their friends join the guild, as well as to attempt to maintain and build a strong social population. We see a strong guild community creating a better raiding environmental, keeping the stresses of raiding heroic content down, and promoting the overall health of the guild.


1) Though we wish to have a laid back raiding environment, we expect members to be able to perform their roles and assignments correctly, with minimal errors, as well as to be able to step up to the occasion when the situation demands it.

2) Players should research fights before hand, and be aware how how the fight mechanics work, as well as to be thinking about what your class and spec might be able to do to contribute to the success of the raid in that fight.

3) Members should understand that in order to maintain a health raid roster we have to have more than 10 raid members. This means that you will sit on some fights. We will do our best to rotate members in and out in a fair and unbiased manner.

4) We are a drama free guild. No one wants to deal with drama. If you have problems with other members, or how things are working in the guild these should be handled like mature adults. Problems or concerns should be brought to the GM or other officers so that they can be taken care of.

5) We expect raiders to be able to competently perform the roles that they where recruited for. This means if we recruit you as a DPS/Healer, we expect you to be able to play both a dps spec, and a healing spec well. We do not however tell you what spec you need to play if you have more than one dps class (expetion of melee vs ranged specs, or if one spec has a specific mechanic needed for a fight, IE BM hunter lust if no other lust is in raid group). We want raiding to be enjoyable, and in general the spec does not make the player, the player makes the spec, so we encourage you to play the spec that you enjoy.

6) If a player is going to miss, or be late to a raid, we expect a post to be made on the guild website notifying the raid of their absence. Absences are tracked, and an excessive number of absences will result in action taken.

Contact Us

You can contact an officer in game,

Irsemployee -
Antíque -
Horrorshow -
Movietickets -
Shadowshanks -

Or visit our webiste, uvmalganis.enjin.com
What a wonderful post. Wouldn't you like to join this guild? I would.
Bump. Also 2/13 H now.

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