Tanking, am I failing?

Well... I'm just not tanking as well on this paladin as I am on my monk or my warrior or even my druid. I either am a total sponge with no threat issues, or I'm healing 50% of the healing (sometimes 75%+) and have to taunt off cooldown.

I've read some guides, checked out my reforging and made sure I wasn't forgetting any ability. I would really appreciate it if someone.... Viciously criticized my gear, spec, and reforging. The more honest the better.
Really your biggest problem is just your gear. You're going to have some threat issues if you go up against any decently geared DPS for a bit especially since you really can't be expertise hard capped with that gear set up.

You could throw the expertise enchant on your hands and such but really you just need to gear up before you worry about your performance being from any other issues.

You seem to have a decent handle on what you're doing judging from your armory, I'm not going to make much of a fuss about missing a belt buckle and one enchant on some blues.
Expertise cap is what's needed, but even with my gear I haven't managed it without adding enchantments. Which I don't feel like dropping the gold for on gear that will just be replaced soon.

But I feel as though the threat generation of Paladins is generally weaker than other classes. Our survivability is through the roof, but we can't do enough DPS to hold aggro competitively.

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