Dear Blizzard.

I understand we were nerfed when we were broken beyond all belief, So you took away our cool we could still do ok burst heal. ..then you take away more damage..and our heals. Then buff every other class in the <removed> game to <removed> levels of op. I have played ret for years, and other than the troubled times when we sucked in all of BC except for the end it has been pretty good. Could you please make rets a viable dps class? In pvp and pve...and a 15% 2 hd buff really isn't worth the poo it is printed on. Give us back our heals ? Give us back our dps ? One or the other would be nice. Oh and hunters ...yeah they will be nerfed probably the second the 5.3 is released, because they will be murdering everyone everywhere all the time. Thank you from a long time player <..This Guy
"Ret, arms and other meele wont be truly viable in RBGs until gorefiends grasp is removed from the game, or the value of the armor stat is returned to the game with some meaning making them all significantly more survivable than casters.

Basically, play ret if you feel like it and you enjoy it, but your going to have to find regular people to play with and convince them your good enough to justify taking the comp hit, and at low ratings, it doesnt matter AT ALL. unless people have 2200-2400 achievs to link you tell them to stuff it. Skill >comp. until you reach a level where nearly everyone is playing there class near the top of its potential it doesnt matter."
Saw this is another post and decided to steal it to add it to this, because it is completely true. Thank you in advanced for reading my <removed>.
clearly you've never been past 1600 because blizzard keeps nerfing your class
04/22/2013 12:51 AMPosted by Anidal
1750 with ret in wrath.
must have been your other ret, right
Oh, clearly fail troll. I got to 1600 rating when ret's had 30 second seals. 1750 with ret in wrath. Mainly I have pve'd not going to lie. I have gotten more serious about pvp this season and last, and I don't pretend to be the greatest thing since sex. It's not much but I have been over 1500 rated in 2's 3's and 5's. However what they nerf in pvp affects pve. Last season I played feral druid/Boomkin in pvp. Ret's are not a viable class past a certain point. Unfortunately yes it is because we have been nerfed as well as melee in general fury/arms warriors are feeling the hurt in Rbg's too. Eventually you will have to face what thousands smarter than you have already realized. I wouldn't choose you over a rogue even if your gear was better, and nether would anyone else. Unless of course you have a consistent group of friends or friend willing to carry you. We are a broken class, and you sir are a douche. Soo, Good day sir have fun fapping. ^^

Ret does seem to be missing something. I played this here Paladin in Cataclysm and dueled 85s here and there for fun. I could pop wings, trinket proc x 2, ring proc, landslide proc and kill most of the semi-geared ones. I'm not speaking in terms of skill, but just sheer lack of damage compared to back then.

Shrug. It is what it is I guess.

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