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I'm thinking about making a Paladin. Mainly due to my warrior boring me to tears. I'm having a wee bit of trouble deciding which specialization I will like. I know DPS = Retribution, Tank = Protection, and Healer = Holy. I like DPS, and tanking is kind of fun. I'm not sure about the holy because I've never played a healing class. They sound a little boring though. So my question is.. Which specialization do *****YOU***** like the best, and why?
Over the years of being a paladin; I have use all 3 specs for pve and pvp. And with each time I tried a new setup [spec+pve/pvp], I always found it fun for their own reasons. I liked pve prot to mass pull and to slowly bring things down while keeping myself up. I liked pvp prot the be a beefy guy who can be relied on then do short bursts of dmg[s9/s10]. I liked pve holy because I could focus on keeping 2 tanks up with offheals to the raid and and bring utility to the raid. I liked being pvp holy to be a strong and bursty healer and be able to soak damage. I like pve ret because how smooth I can have my rotation while bringing off heals to raid. I like pvp ret because of it's burst and how squishy it is and how I can overcome it.

In short, the real questions are: what is your play style, your enjoyment, and what can you bring to the table while having fun and not useless in a group environment.

Once you find this for yourself, enjoy it as best you can!
My favorite has always been Retribution. I like the way it feels to play it. I find it interesting how between the three two-hander using melee DPS classes that they all feel different from each other. Retribution feels different from Arms and they both are different from Unholy (never played two-hand Frost, but I can imagine what it plays like).

I do like Protection too. I tank sometimes for my guild raids, and it works pretty well.

Personally, I've never liked healing on my Paladin. But last time I did that was in Burning Crusade, and it nearly made me quit the game.

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