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Hey Guys, ive had ALOT of success from these forums, I'm looking to trade the rest of my doubles!

What i have:

"Better" Stuff:
Crawling Claw
Son of Animus
Spectral Porcupette
Living Sandling

Gustling Grimoire
Landros Lichling
Purple Puffer

Good Stuff:
Hyacanith Macaw
Magical Crawdad
Legs (rare)
Sea Pony (rare)
Sprite Darter Hatchling

Aqua Strider
Bunch of raiding with leashes pets

Note: I do have a few high end TCG ie Soul Trader Beacon, Dragon Kite, Rocket Chicken etc however i have no desire to trade these unless the offer is to good to pass up as i only have singles (i rejected a 225k offer on the Soul Trader as i didn't want to pay $25 to xfer the $$ back to my realm)

LF All low-middle end TCG stuff (Landros lil XT, Nightsaber Cub = Low end, Bananas + Hippogryph hatchling = Middle) and Tuskarr Kite! also looking for some rarer stuff i dont have ie Darkmoon Rabbit (S/S) breed and surprisingly Crimson Whelp and Searling Scortchling.

Btag = Aidan#1312 leave your offer in the friend request box or i will not accept.
What are your Preferred trades for the SoA?
i would like to discuss trading for your crawling claw- i sent you a btag request. if the offer isn't to your liking, let me know, and we can work something else out.


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