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Hello Thrall,recently transferred to the server and with so many guilds hard to find the right one.I brought 4 90`s with me from my old server.I`m more of a causal player but would love to get into raiding some.With rl issues (rotating work schedule being the big one).Hard to be completly dedicated and raid as much as I wished I could.Also due to very bad progression on old server I have only got to clear the 1st boss in the vaults.So I`m really noob but have been playing since 07.I was hoping to find an adult oriented guild.No drama we all have enough of that as is lol. Thanx for reading and hoping to find a home soon.
also would like to add looking for a smaller guild,makes learning everyone so much easier
Holler at me in game we just Xfered here as we'll I think from the same server.
Yeah I know that guild name you all from the hills right.okay i will
I am to looking for a right fit me and Beefy are a couple so we we work the same schedule also and was on same server. The guild I am in now are nice enough but they have a raid group pretty much set up and I could only go when I am off of work which rotates each week.
well hello hun hehe.
I am not sure of what raid schedule you are looking for or how often you want to raid. Please contact me in game so we could talk some more about the specifics of what you are looking for in a guild.

You guys should definitely speak to the GM of my guild, Grumpy Old Horde. The guild is a recent transfer here to Thrall and in rebuild mode. One raid team is full and working on getting the second one together most likely that will be weekends or whatever the group wants. Great group of mature individuals looking for fun, friendship and raiding. In the future they are hoping to get a pvp group going as well.

The gm's name is Rylor but if you can't find him online you can ask for any officer.
Hey Beef, we would be a good fit for you, always looking to add to our crazy family and we are always doing things together and could definately get you into raid! look for me ingame

My Little Pwnie is a transfer from Garona to Thrall looking for new blood to join our raids.
Our core is intact as we agreed to leave a dead server to join a more lively one.

Currently we are

6/6 MSV
6/6 HoF
3/4 toe (elite protectors)
1/12 ToT

Mostly need dps, can use a warlock, boomkin and a death knight, of course we will look into all applicants.

We have an easy raid week,

Tuesday 8-11 est
Sunday 8-11 est and looking to open up Wednesdays for progression

If you are looking for a casual raiding guild with some great people to enjoy the game you won't be disappointed.

Look for Dilaec, Grohagnar, tokeinfury or Oberheuser in game for more information.

My battle tag is, Grohagnar#1828
We also just came to this server, but our core has stuck together, we are that close!

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