[H] Fat Chance 2-13 H ToT recruiting

Fat Chance recently transferred to Hyjal is recruiting talented and committed raiders for our 10m raid. We are seeking players who would like to progress in an environment and raid schedule that is more relaxed than some hardcore guilds.

Our current raid progress
2/13H ToT
5/6H msv 6/6HoF 4/4ToES -Elite

We are primarily seeking the following classes/specs,

-Elemental Shaman

Raid Schedule: Tue/Wed/Thur 6:30 - 10 Server (PST) Time.

Reliability, attendance, communication, preparedness, and a positive learning attitude are required. Drama, selfish attitudes, and egos are not welcome. Most of this team has been together for yrs. Half have played since Beta Vanilla. We took a break at the start of MoP. Now we have come back together to raid ToT. Our ToT progression is only from 2 weeks of raiding.

Feel free to contact our officers with any questions: Ironsteel, Hawkke and Asherx
bump 12-12 starting heroics next week =D
Bumping for heroics!
I remember you guys on our server back in the day. You guys were awesome! Bumping for awesome guilds!!
stop talking to yourself, muuhawk. welcome to hyjal!
Welcome to Hyjal!

Fun to see more semi-hardcore guilds around the place!

Redbell, you're everywhere!
Sadly I had nothing better to do at 2 in the morning... or whenever I bumped it lol

Thanks for the warm welcoming guys :) can't wait to see all what this server has to offer!!
Welcome! You made a good choice transferring, lots of good people around here.
howdy, i vaguely remember you guys back when i tried to raid on darrowmere(alts of course) during DS.
A bump for my newly found friends.
Looking for Mage or Shaman who can jump right into heroics with us.
I would most definitely love to have a mage in our group! Do they even exist outside of a social atmosphere? I haven't raided with one in nearly two months :(
NEED: Mage or Elemental Shaman for further heroic progression, contact for info :D

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