Can you level up without questing?

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What else can you do?
You can do battlegrounds and dungeons. Battlegrounds unlock at level 10 and dungeons unlock at level 15.
You also gain experience from Mining and Herbalism as you gather from nodes. You also gain experience from Pet Battles. Killing random mobs around your level will also give experience.
Questing is the "solo content" speedy way of leveling.

Dungeons and Battlegrounds are just as speedy but they're not solo.

Dungeons are group PvE content (enter into a deep dark cave or creepy building/town with other players and kill everything)

Battlegrounds are group PvP content (enter into a battlefield where a team of alliance players and a team of horde players fight & kill each other over resources, strategic map locations, etc)

So there's equally viable leveling options for those three types of gamers: solo, team against AI, team against players

If you want to level solo, but not through quests, then you have the much less speedy methods:

Gathering crafting materials through herbalism/mining
Putting together artifacts through archaeology
Killing random creatures
Engaging in Pet Battles (basically WoW's version of Pokemon)
The difficulty you may find, is that by leveling across all of these methods:
* questing or solo "PvE" as you may see abbreviated (player vs environment)
* battlegrounds or "PvP" (player vs player), which also get you honor points
* dungeons, still PvE but in a group, usually better gear ("drops") than PvE quests

Is that you'll level faster than any of them linearly, so you may 'outclass' something you've been working on and enjoying. This was a flaw of WoW I felt as I level up. You may get into a really cool PvE storyline, be enjoying the challenge & rewards also, then you hit a few dungeons and battlegrounds, come back to your quests, and find that you're overpowered for them and they're not that entertaining, and now you have all these other areas opening up, so you never really finish anything.

You could easily get your character from lvl14 to 30 or 40 just fussing around.

A helpful tip is find one of the capital cities, and always look for the "!" bulletin board, which will put up starts for new level appropriate quests for you as you advance in level.
Dungeons & Battlegrounds unlock automatically.

Have fun!
Battleground open up at level 10 I believe. Random dungeon finder opens up at level 15 or 20, I don't remember which.

Gathering professions (at least mining and herbalism) also grant small amounts of XP. So does exploration. Archaeology I believe also rewards XP.
Random dungeon finder opens up at level 15 or 20, I don't remember which.

Dungeon finder opens up at 15, and yes battlegrounds open up at 10.
Archaeology does have xp
..and don't forget discovery xp

(I always milk it for all it's worth!)

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