Ferret Pet In WoW

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I have 2 pet ferrets and i want a beast type ferret pet in game who's with me?
Once i get my duck pet and my hippo pet im all for it!
I vote yes for ferrets! They must look the part too! Long with button eyes with different fur color patterns. Not a re-skin of the red panda/ raccoon/ tanooki(sp?) things that are in game already.
I don't even own a ferret and I want one as well!
Best idea ever.
Red pandas and tanuki aren't reskins of each other, they have separate models.

Anyway, there's already the mongoose/otter family, and in general there's a lot of beasts already. I'd rather have them devote more development time to expanding some of the underpopulated families, especially Humanoid and Magic.
Those civet guys look like ferrets. Fat chubby ferrets.
I want a duck, after that we can discuss Ferrets

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