<Carls Van> (10m) is looking for raiders

Carls Van is a newly formed guild in MoP of those with schedules that prevent us from hardcore raiding. Our main group is currently progressing in ToT, but we are looking for members for our Thursday raid, either alts or those seeking to gain more raiding experience. These members will have an opportunity to sub in for our progression raid. Raid times are as follows:

Thursday (non-progression):
7pm - 11:30 pm server

7pm- 11:30 pm server

7pm - 11:30 pm server

We currently do not have a website, but are working on getting one. All raids require vent and a good attitude ;) (don't forget to gem and enchant your gear >.<). Please send an in-game whisper to Molamalu, Krytical, Artblade, or Sterigild for more information.
Just an update about our recruitment. We do currently have a website where you can apply. carlsvan.guildlaunch.com and we are also looking for a hunter to join our core raiding group.

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