Just a little about Ret.

Against 64% like resilienced players, mainly mages because I wanted to know why
the damage they were shoveling out was so much -412khp/8 straight crits in a row- larger than mine even with 50% damage increase for 18 seconds I can't produce numbers like that.
Execution Sentence (since I'm about to start work this will be segmented) is one of our top teir talents and when used against multiple different mages vs their 1 minute cd top teir talents it pales in comparrison, I also did test it on numerous other classes with the same 64/65% resilience. Standing still no healing shielding defensives or offensive abilities used execution sentence did roughly 28kto46k damage while the mages 1min cd would do 78kto100k+ the only way I could make execution sentence hit near or at100k or anything close to the mages dmv was to blow trinket and wings which is horrible mechanics using multiple 2 min cooldowns to make a 1 min cd do equivalent dmg as other classes, also it is dispellable which it shouldn't be.
I'd also like to discuss how 1 resource is managing 3 different mechanics for Ret, it would he fine if Ret was proving Holy power enough for these sequence of events to be fluid but it's not, although much better than the past I find my self using my holy power building abilities to stay alive enough that I can't even keep up inquisition or use Templars verdict.
I must be playing wrong, I don't run into any problems you do. Time to relook up my class on mmochampion I guess =\
You're going to tell me that during the 3 globals to put up inquisition, the time to build 3 more holy power to use tv, you never get in a downward spiral of using 3 immediate holy power to heal yourself nonstop to where you can't tv frequently and keep inquisition up and toss yourself a heal like a working spec should?
You must PvP as prot or holy, sorry the title was taking about ret.
no, I play ret. I'm just not bad at managing my holy power, selfless healer stacks, Supplication and class cooldowns.

also, lol. Inq is so easily manageable in both pve and pvp the fact that people have issues with it blows my mind.
no, I play ret. I'm just not bad at managing my holy power, selfless healer stacks, Supplication and class cooldowns.

also, lol. Inq is so easily manageable in both pve and pvp the fact that people have issues with it blows my mind.
Why are you using Execution Sentence... terrible talent. Prism is the only viable talent on that tier and it can hit harder than Ex Sen when it crits and can't be dispelled. Ret holy power generation is the best it's ever been. Ret weakness is that we get trained and usually die once our bubble is on cd. F Mages are to powerful in pvp. Everyone knows it. However, comparing ret numbers to mage numbers doesn't make a lot of sense since we are completely different classes. The game is not balanced.. probably never will be.. play what you enjoy playing, because all the qq does nothing to change things.
Execution sentence is terrible in PvP, never use it.
I'm not Qq'ng and I don't use exe sent. I'm trying to discuss why there is only 1 viable talent in our top teir. Trying to discus why ret has a pre requisit before it does can properly do damage, and why 1 resource x'd 3 has to be managed to utilize 3 different mechanics....ret battles itself before it even battles anyone else if inquisition was a passive proc upon 3 holy power it would make ret a lot more fluid. If wog and eternal flame cast equivalently to 3 stacks of holy power off of some other system it would free up holy power to tv more often and not primarily inq/wog/eternal flame and then find a window for tv
Hey, Azarr is back. Could have sworn you made a big deal about you quitting the game and giving your computer away.

Mages aren't putting out eight straight crits just because. It's doing "pre requisit" things to get them. ie; mage is owning your face because they used cooldowns and you apparently think you don't need to.
Pre requisite for 412k burst although insane dmg, is absolutely necessary, pre requisite to to normal damage is b.s.
And, you could've sworn nothing, you don't know me and I guarantee you don't remember me, you're just checking my post history.
No, I actually remember the @Azarr thread. I remember hilarious people.

But grats on skipping the point. Mages don't do 412k at random, again, they are using "pre requisit" abilities to get that. Maybe you should try and figure out how.

Also no mage "top tier" talent is doing 78-100k. You're comparing two things that are obviously different and don't seem to understand either.
The only one skipping points here is you from the first letter you typed you were ignoring what I said and just deflected to my past. One thing youre right about is its not a mage alent, my fault. It's a spell
Frost orb
Because you obviously haven't changed from your past.

But now you're acknowledging that you're comparing two things that aren't even vaguely the same aside from the length of their cooldown.

We'll call this personal progress for you. If only you could grasp that mages aren't doing that kind of damage with no cooldowns or do something other than pull random numbers out of the air.
I crit on Execution Sentence for over 83K on at least one hit (Of course, while wings are up, etc) but yeah, Holy Prism is better.
Frost orb vs my ret on numerous tests is most deffinately doing 78-100k damage. I never said mages were doing 412k without a pre requisite. Yes I am comparing a hybrid if there is such a thing anymore to a pure dos and their individual abilities vs their mutual cooldowns in an attempt to at least open ppls eyes showing that without numerous cooldowns the compared don't do anything near equal dmv which is where probably a lot of rets problems lie....popping pre read to even the playing field...while others pop pre read to boost way above the playing field
Sorry for the typos my phone is auto correcting a lot
Stop feeding the troll please

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