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Looking for a casual guild that I can basically hang out and socialize with. Not much time anymore for anything hardcore, and I just got back into WoW a little while ago for MoP. Want to get into Heroics, and maybe occasional weekend raids, and just hang out with a mature group.
Hello Illmatix.

After reading your post, it sounds like Revenant would be a good fit for you. Below is a bit of information about our guild. For more information reach out to Danskie or Rexigar in game. You can always checkout our website at RevenantGaming.com

We are a multi game community currently developing our WoW division. Our guild is level 25 and was started towards the end of Cataclysm. We are a mix of experienced WoW players and people crossing over from other MMO’s. Some have come from other servers to play with us. Many have come from our previously successful division in SWTOR, and we are aiming to build our community into WoW. We currently also have a Planetside 2 division starting the recruitment process. We also have members currently playing D3, GW2, DOTA and Tera. We are also currently hosting our own Minecraft, TF2, and Counter Strike servers that are completely free to members. We are also actively recruiting for our Elder's Scrolls Online which we will be rolling out with 15-20 people at the launch of that game.

Our core members are all 21+, most of us married with wives and/or kids. We are looking for mature people to join our community and build our WoW guild whether you are interested in just WoW or participating in other games. We have players all over the country, with many of our gaming community leaders within the upstate New York area. Many of us either work together or have a personal tie to someone in the guild. We have a fun and joking environment, but put our game faces on come raid time. Create drama in game? We are close knit, so if we feel that someone is hindering our gaming experience, they more than likely would be removed, but joking and hazing becomes more and more tolerable as you get to know us. Disclaimer: There is no language filter and we joke and there is drinking in voice chat all the time. If you are sensitive to hazing or light hearted name calling, this may not be the environment for you. This is why 21+ is a must. Gear problems? We can fix that. We look to take any mature adult willing the listen and take constructive criticism, and develop them into a player that will have a positive impact on the content that we are clearing. Not a “raider”, or consider yourself “casual”? Not a problem. We are always looking for people to become members of our active gaming community and we will be doing guild events such as old contents/achievement/world pvp and LFR in the future that all guild members will be open to participate in.

Our play style isn’t hardcore, but we plan on clearing normal content each patch and pushing heroic content. 25man is realistic if we build a large enough player base, but many of us know each other IRL and prefer a smaller group. We will more than likely focus on PvE content at first and then slowly develop a PvP division of our guild in the future.
Hello Illmatix,

We have an adult-only environment in guild and are always accepting raiders, casual members, alts and everything in between. We are recruiting for progression, but we also do 5.1 content and everything back to vanilla raiding. Mumble is our VOIP of choice and I personally prefer talking on there to guild/raid chat any day. If this is sounds like a good fit for you feel free to contact me in-game. My battletag is Invictis#1189.


Hi Illmatix,
ThrowdowN is a level 25 guild with mature, adult players. We are currently a smaller guild trying to build up our ranks. We have 1 semi hardcore raid team, but seeing as we only raid 2 nights a week, most of us are running heroics/lfr together on off nights and generally having a good time. There's usually several people on at night, chatting and bsing in Mumble. We also like to raid 5.1 stuff on weekends, depending on who's online. Feel free to contact me in game to chat!


History: United As One was founded April 13th 2013 and has flourished beutifully in such a short time. It was created by Kaneika with the help of complete strangers who have grown to be a family of friends. The guild is by no means a kid-friendly guild. Everyone are mature adults who can handle themselves and contains an R-rated chat both in-game and on Mumble. The goal of this guild is to make it the best guild on Stormrage as not necessarily being the #1 guild in terms of progression, but being the best guild to be a part of, on the realm. I have 8+yrs experience and 3 of them are with raiding.

Personal Progression: 10/12 TOT

We have venues fit for all types of people be it casual or hardcore. We will have 3 Core Groups and they are as follows:

Team 1 (Name TBD): Tues - Wed - Thur 7PM - 11PM
Team 2 (Name TBD): Wed - Thur - Fri 12AM - 3AM
Team 3 (Name TBD): Fri - Sat - Sun 7PM - 11PM (casual)

We will also have organized PVP events which will be handled by our PvP Division Officer(s)

We also would like to extend our services to new players and will have teams set up for leveling, running dungeons, and offering advice on all classes, specs, professions and so on.

We currently have openings for 2 Raid Leaders, all raid spots and all Class Leaders, however you must have an Authenticator attached to your account to be a Leader.

Raid Leaders: Must know all fights, and most class mechanics to assist players achieve the guild's goals.

Class Leaders: Must know your particular class in all 3 specs and be able to assist players achieve their maximum potential.

We currently have Mumble and a website: http://unitedasone-stormrage.enjin.com

If you need any more information, please contact me via REAL ID: soleina#1660
Please indicate in your request comments that you would like to

A: Obtain more information about the guild
B: Apply to the guild

Have a fantastic day and hope to hear from you soon!


Unity is an Alliance lvl 25 guild raiding on Stormrage.

We just recently moved to Stormrage on 5/26/13 and are recruiting to build our 10 man raid team and start progressing into ToT. Some of our raiders have ToT normal experience and some do not.

We are a group of mature adults that have real life responsibilities that like to cut up in
vent and have fun with whatever event we are tackling in game.

We are looking to expand our family of Raiders and members to further strengthen our guild and continue progression. We are always looking for talented, like minded adults that are willing to put forth time and effort.

Raiders are expected to do the necessary Dailies, Scenarios and LFR to improve there character and continue to help improve guild progression.

We are looking for players who are focused, know how to play their class and have good raid awareness. A playable off-spec is a bonus.

We raid on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 8:30pm to 11:30pm EST. We may add a 3rd night, but not just yet.

Our current needs:

Tanks - Pally, Monk, Druid
Healers - Pally, Disc. Priest, Monk, Shaman, Druid
DPS - Warlock, Shaman, Monk, Druid

We do have 7 bank tabs and offer, flasks, feasts and raid repairs for raiders.

If raiding isn't your thing and you are looking for a friendly, no drama gaming environment, then please contact an in game officer to become a member or fill out our online guild application found on our website at unity-stormrage.guildlaunch.com.

Our guild atmosphere is full of fun mature people who like to chat and run groups quests, scenarios and dungeons together.

Contact me (Zift) via battle tag Zift#1461 or email zift99@gmail.com.

We also have a website [url]http://www.unity-stormrage.guildlaunch.com[/url] where you can fill out a guild application

Thank you for your time and consideration

GM of Unity

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