WTS Level 25 Guild

Im selling my level 25 guild, has 7 bank tabs, everything unlocked but i believe pandarian raid achievements, all heirlooms unlocked, no members anymore, i transferred my main to the server so took the guild with me. Taking offers, either inbox me in game or let me know on here if interested, also i believe it has 1500+ achievements as well if im not mistaken. Selling for 60K...
How much?
just put the price in looking for at least 60k alot cheaper then what other people are selling them for. thanks
I could do 60k. I just transferred to the server with one of my toons, so I have 50k liquid and a couple BOE jewel crafting mounts I need to convert/sell. I will be online around 7PM server so I will look for you or if you want to ping me at Nebuzaradan#1265.
Yea, i transferred here as well, main is raiding in another guild, so i really dont need this one anyhow. Sounds good, talk soon.
Still for sale
Sold thank you.

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