[H] Possible transfer hpally LF raid team

495 ilvl atm, I am very skilled and have extensive experience in raiding before MoP, recently came back to the game. I currently reside on Illidan but might be looking to transfer to KJ because the server time is not friendly to my preferred raid times (lack of late night guilds). I'm looking for a team that raids on weekdays and raids starting at or after 8pm. Just respond to this thread if you would at all be interested. Thanks :)
well sir <Paradosi> 10 man raiding guild is actually looking for a holy paladin for our raid comp.

We are semi-hardcore 10-man active and friendly raiding guild. Everyone is expected to have vent and a working microphone/headset. We cut up at times and enjoy ourselves while inside the instance. However, when the fight starts it's time to buckle down and get serious. We hold everyone accountable for their own toon and expect them to compete. Attitude plays a large role in determining who raids with us. We do not tolerate any negative or rude comments towards other players in the raid.

our raid times are sat/sun 8-11pm PST

if your interested please feel free to add my battle tag ( send me a note in the invite). Foxus#1795

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