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Adult, Semi-Casual Raiding Guild Recruiting for Late-Night Spots and Subs

Fire is a Haste Buff is a semi-casual raiding guild new to Area 52. We are adults with families, work, school, and other real life interests, commitments, and responsibilities. But when we raid, we show up on time, appropriately geared, having read up on our classes and any new fights, ready and eager to kill monsters. And that's what we mean by semi-casual. We have lives and expect you will too, but when we raid, we take it seriously and do our best. If that sounds like you, we'd love to have you join our ranks. We are a Level 25 Guild with bank tabs, guild repairs for raiders, and a web forum where we share the latest on classes, specs, and boss fights.

Area 52 is a high population server with all the benefits that come with it. AH prices are reasonable, pugs for normal and sometimes heroic raids are constantly running, and world bosses are constantly dying.

We are currently recruiting core team members for our 3 raid groups, as well as subs and social members. Visit us at our website fhb.heathernet.net

Immediate Recruiting Needs

Giriatric Kammandos
Wednesday & Thursday 11:45pm est - 2:45am est


6/6 MsV
3/6 H MsV
6/6 HoF
4/4 ToeS
11/12 ToT

Sunday & Monday 10pm - 1am PST


6/6 MsV
6/6 HoF
4/4 ToES
6/12 ToT

Fet and Friends
Monday & Tuesday 10pm - 1am PST


6/6 MSV
3/6 HOF
0/4 ToES
0/12 TOT

Unofficial Bench/Subs and Social Members Welcome

If you're a raider interested in joining FHB, but either don't fit our current recruiting needs or
can't commit to a regular raid team, we'd still be very happy to have you join us. If need arises for a sub and you're available, you get to raid. We are also open to social members of every level and experience. And you can enjoy the perks of a Level 25 guild the rest of the time. Winning all around!


Please either contact myself or Giri in game or via realid/battletag or by email if you have further questions, or APPLY at our website!
Giri - Giri#1101
Kam - Kamana#1384
Tyranos: Panda507#1655

Contact email: fireisahastebuff@gmail.com

Good friends, great times, dead monsters. What's not to love?
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