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Area 52
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/ignorehaters A hee-a-happa. A hee-a-happa.
Tried to find a video of that (Chester beatboxing on Sifl & Olly), but failed. C'est la vie.
Oh dear.
Great, now I'm talking to myself again.
^ what a wierdo
Plenty of that to go around, my friend.
We're not weird, we're special.
Funny-looking. The word is funny-looking.
Pfft, we're not funny-looking. At least I'm not, dunno about the rest of you.
attempted to apply on website. message "You cannot post in this forum."
Kam's the one that does the website stuff. You could always look for either of them through their battletag thing in game. Kam and Giri are always on, mostly.
Also, did you try making an account first? I think because the application goes to officer forums it might require that.
double post
Permissions on the forum got mixed up or removed. It's fixed now and should work fine. Sorry for the issues!
this post makes me /lol im gonna level my priest on a52 and join u guys he 85 but will soon be 90
Pew Pew Spriest lazor beams errywhere! Holy ftw.
Boom boom, shake the room.
So one of you guys needs to play my RaF account during the week since Kam is moving. I'll only need you for like 13-14 levels.
Oh Amok, you've made me the happiest girl in the world.

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