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Area 52
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I paint a picture of the days gone by.
Any room for a 510 Frost mage?
hey, mcsheep.. if you could add one of us via realID/battletag and hit us up in game.. or apply at our website fhb.heathernet.net.. we'd be glad to chat!
When love went by, you would make me see.
I'd stare a lifetime in to your eyes...
Hey Larsina. Thanks for the message. We are still recruiting.

You can find our current needs and apply here:


You can also contact our officers directly by email of by Real ID in game:

Giri: JordiBrown2009@yahoo.com, or Giri#1101
Kamana: fireisahastebuff@gmail.com, or Kamana#1384
Tyranos: Panda507#1655

Your hunter could be perfect for our "Fet and Friends" team, which will start raiding fresh with MsV in June. Plus, we're always recruiting good people to join as social members and raid subs. We look forward to hearing from you.
(I was enjoying you guys singing Disney much more :D)


So that I knew that you were there for me

Time after time you were there for me
lmao ^^^ told you.. everyone loves disney sing a longs.. YOU CAN'T FIGHT IT
508 Elemental / 505 Resto shammy with a warlock friend 495, all the raid experience and knowledge of our clasess, just want to join a new home! we currently 4/12 right now in ToT but we have been playing pre BC to now days! Just let me know or add me ingame!
hey dowa.. pls fill out an app on our website or add one of our officers via realID/Battletag and hit us up in game.. we'd be glad to talk to you!
We're still looking for more for our Sun/Mon raid team.

We run 10pm to 1am PST (which is also 1am to 4am EST). That's three hours of:

1. Laughing on vent at the GM
2. Killing things
3. Dancing in shiny-shiny loot
4. Insightful commentary on life, death and what exactly "nougat " consists of

Head over to http://fhb.heathernet.net/ to fill out an app, or talk to me or any officer in game for the details.
Blastfemi, thank you for joining my Skid Row sing-along...

Remember yesterday! We're walking hand in hand!
i am available 10-1 but mostly tues,wed,thurs and sundays. Let me know if you have anything that would work. I just faction/transfered from Stormrage.
I'm afraid all of our raid groups start later then that. The best we could offer currently is a social spot with the potential to sub if you're on late enough. Sorry!
Love letters end the same: I remember you!
Oh Amok, you're such a romantic at heart.
(Perfectly-punctuated--and alliterative--romantic.)

Through the sleepless nights, through every endless day...
I wanna hear you say, I remember you.
i have no idea what song we're singing..

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