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Ilvaen Whiteclaw
"Matt" in common tounge

Matt, or "Ilvaen" in the Sindorei language, was born in Auberdine. He was the only child of a great hunter, Cerellean Whiteclaw. At an early age, Ilvaen developed an affinity for wildlife. Not only could he still a raging bear, but it was as if he could channel and reflect the very beast itself.

This is his story

One day after a hunt, Ilvaen was walking home when he noticed the cabin door open. Upon further inspection, his mother was no where to be found. "Aellya!" "Alleya!" he shouted curiously. "Aelly-" He was interrupted by a dire, unearthly roar which reverberated throughout his very being. It was in this moment, all peripherals were lost. Nothing was important, except for the nagging, almost obsessive need to travel towards the roar, which seemed to be coming from Ameth'Aran.

He dropped his kill, his bow and sprinted through the ebon wood that is Darkshore in pursuit of the source of the bestial cry. As fast as the wind was to his back did he crash through the underbrush, tearing through bush after bush until he arrived at the ruins. It wasn't until now that he realized the blood dripping from his finger nails. "Ah..!" He winced in pain, and his nails fell off at the touch of his hands. His jaw began to ache and he fell to his knees. "What's happening to me!?" He cried out in desperation. Then came the roar again. So close, it seemed to echo through his chest. As he drug his body, hunched over in agony to a nearby marble column of the ruins, he peared over it and saw his mothers body. Collapsed. Lifeless. His dad's hunting companion, the revered beast Whiteclaw, attempting to wake her. In this moment, he felt the beasts sorrow, and the beast felt his. But sorrow is a weak emotion compared to rage. And what transpired after that was nothing but, rage. Primal. Almost otherwordly. Ilvaen was consumed completely by his pain of his mothers death. He was knocked to the ground, his spine shifting and a thick coat of black fur ripping through his violet skin. His jaw snapped into place, and large fangs took place of his teeth. His moccasins were torn to pieces by his feet, which grew massive claws. And the last to go, his eyes... The once innocent, inquisitive and understanding eyes of Ilvaen, Their dark green hue... shifted to a dark, blackened red. What happened next is only speculated on, with the only witness being Whiteclaw, and Ilvaen blacked out in rage. But the quiet village of Auberdine over a mile away heard nothing but savage roars of pain and rage, saw trees fall as if uprooted by a titan itself. This was followed by silence. Nothing but cold, entropic stillness of both the forest and all who inhabited it.

That's all i have so far ^-^
Two things I noticed just skimming the opening-

I'm assuming your character is Kaldorei given that he was born in Aub, but they speak Darnassian, not Thalassian (the language of the Sin'dorei.) Also most of the time names in other languages aren't translated, so saying your character is Matt in Common is a little weird.

Also it's considered poor form to claim to be a close relative/friend/lover/etc. of NPC's. Being the cousin of random guard #392 is fine, but the fact that I knew exactly who you were talking about when you mentioned him and that he is important enough to get his own quest line aren't really good signs.

Just food for thought, I can go over the rest of the story if you want.
This is my first time writing a backstory for my toon so here it goes. :P

A devoted Scarlet Crusader in training, Toivik studied combat with various weapons from a young age, leaving his mother and father's simple cottage to join the Crusade and eradicate the undead. Toivik took an interest in the Pandaren type of fighting of hand-to-hand by studying under Brother Korloff. With a fierce determination Toivik trained to perfect his skills to become someone significant in the numerous ranks of the Crusade. However his road to glory was cut short on one skirmish with a group of traveling undead Toivik was impaled with a sword to the hilt and quickly succumbed to the enveloping darkness.

Toivik awakens from his slumber in a dazed state, climbing out of his own coffin Toivik looks around and sees undead. He instantly feels disgust and moves towards attacking them, until he looks upon his own image in a puddle of water.. A gaping hole in his chest with glowing yellow eyes, bones jutting out from his elbows and knees. A shocking revelation occurred to him where the thought, "I'm one of them," filled every corner of his mind. Toivik clenched his fists and was relieved to see he still remembered his his menial Monk Training. Instead of fighting the the undead, his own kind now, he set a goal to try and find peace with himself through his training. Where the first step is too find and be taught by the wandering Pandaren.

Any Critique?
Critique this? It's the collective backstory for my belf-things.
ill make it as simple as i can: Theranash Abramson (this toon renamed) was the son of a 3rd war veteran and worked as a blacksmith in sentinel hill in westfall. his father put him to hard work as a child and adolescent, and his older brother to even harder work. His father knew from experience that if they didnt learn to cope with discomfort and develop persistence, they would end up regular foot soldiers in the Stormwind army, and suffer the same fate he saw so many others succumb to against the scourge and the legion.

Theranash, being more interested in dwarven ballistics, was only putting up with his father's seemingly pointless work for the time being. His goals at the time were to learn as much as he could about dwarven technology through the traders and travelers that pass through sentinel hill, and when he was drafted into the Stormwind army, request to be sent to Ironforge as a military engineer.

Theranash's goals seemed set in stone to him, until the day he witnessed the horde with his own eyes for the first time. They met in glorious battle with the alliance not far from his homestead. The entire time, he couldn't keep his eyes off the brave and valiant paladins that stormed into the thickest of the fray. That battle replayed in Theranash's head for weeks on end, and left him sleepless for just as many nights. He would eventually come to the conclusion that the only future he could see forhimself, was becoming a Paladin of the Alliance.
the battle i mentioned is based on a short story i wrote 3 years ago (and my first) http://rushinrulet.deviantart.com/art/Arms-until-the-Afterlife-162409518?q=gallery%3Arushinrulet&qo=3 its a little gary stu but i would hope people consider a decent quick read
Well since we are all posting backgrounds and asking for critiques I will post mine as well.

name:Raina (no last name due to her past)
class: Battle Mage

Raina had trained hard to earn the title of battle mage from the Kirin Tor. She had to jump many hoops, face many challenges, and train night and day, but she did it. She eventually was one of the Sunreavers to reach the title battle mage. She was congratulated by her fellow magi, both horde and alliance. She believed that perhaps it was possible to end the violence. Perhaps the Kirin Tor could be a bright example. Yet she could never be more wrong.
Raina awoke in the middle of the night a few days later. She rubbed her eyes and slowly woke herself up. She had thought she heard a noise outside of her room but she must have been mistaken. She lay back down and tried to get some rest. Yet as she started to close her eyes she heard it. The unmistakable sound of steel. She stood up immediately from her bed and went to her door. She assumed it was some rowdy students training out in the hallway of the dormitory. She went up and made her way to the door. She summoned a small flame to her hand to light the way as she opened the door.
"Hey knock it-" She began. She immediately stopped though as she saw the scene in front of her. One of her fellow students lay on the stone floor bleeding out from a slice to his hip. A Human in full armor stood over him, sword dripping fresh blood. The human looked up from his prey towards her. He shouted something in common to fast for Raina to understand. She took a steb back, utterly confused and speechless. The warrior shouted again, but this time he charged, sword raised. She was still surprised, but her instincts kicked in. frost left her fingertips and soon encased the warrior, freezing him in place. He stood there, a living icicle. She fell on her but and stared up at the frozen warrior. She then looked over to the student, his lifeless eyes stared back at her.
"I...I must report this...." She said as she got back up. She went back in her room, got dressed into her robes and grabbed her staff and battle sword. She then headed out of the dormitory into the streets of Dalaran.
Yet again she was met with horror. Fellow Blood Elves lay dead or dying on the ground, alliance members and Kirin Tor mages alike, dealing finishing blows to the Sunreavers. Raina's eyes began to fill with tears.
"This is all a dream! It has to be! Wake up, WAKE UP!" She said aloud to herself as she fell to her knees. She heard a footstep and looked up. She saw Mathew, a fellow battle mage of the Kirin Tor and one of her human friends. She smiled at him, but his face just glared angrily at her. He looked at her as if she had committed the worst crime imaginable.
"Mathew! What is going on!" Raina said in slow common. Mathew did not reply, but instead spit on the ground and drew his sword. Raina fell back in shock. One of her friends was drawing a sword on her, and she had done nothing. He walked forward with malicious intent. He began swinging his sword and casting spells of flame at her. She shielded herself with a shield of ice. She did not fight back.
"Please! Stop!" She begged. Yet he did not. He only drove on harder, casting more dangerous spells. She cried as she began to realize she may have to kill a friend. He walked forward with no intent to stop, and then her instincts kicked in.
She looked over the corpse of the mage that had once been her friend. Her tears were all but dried up now. She slowly rose and walked on, heading into the Heart of Dalaran. She encountered a few more soldiers, but a well trained battle mage was more than enough. She helped fellow elves along the way, and thus she learned about the "purge". Anger welled up inside her, one she did not think possible. She wanted to seek only vengence, and knew that Jaina Proudmoore was behind the purge. Yet she was no fool. Jaiana was a prodigy. She would lose in a matter of seconds to the great mage, no her time would come later. She then began to help fellow elves escape back to Silvermoon as best she could, before she herself escaped.
She then also learned of the reason for the purge upon arriving in Silvermoon. Garrosh's blood lust had caused death to her people. He was unfit to rule, and thus the tale of vengence begins, and with it a trail of death will follow.

So what you think :) please be nice one of my first major backgrounds. I started off a little too detailed so had to tone it down in order to finish XD.
@casinia i really liked how it tied in with current events (as far as WoW is concerned haha). i also liked that she understand the weight of life. it seems like alot of character backgrounds are filled with people who are remorseless killers with no consequences.
/hat tip
@Skaler, Thank you. I tried to make it a realistic character. And I do like your story it is unique which is really good, but I thought one was born a paladin. But then again I play a mage and no nothing about paladins so there goes that. But good job.
@Okonkwo, arn't monks very new to Azeroth? So he must have recently left? I feel like there is something missing. Also death knights would never want to find peace. They were risen for one purpose only. To serve and to kill. I feel that death knights trying to gain emotions of anykind is sort of lorebreaking. Also death knights are violent people/undead/whatevertheyare. You should be filled with the desire to kill and seek vengence. Just my thoughts, others may agree or disagree but that is my critique
Time for something a little different. Instead of a narrative backstory, this is actually from HIS perspective, and is not only a background, but also serves as him advertising his services (aka: looking for an RP-guild)


Alright folks, here's the digs. The name's Chip Blastfused. Muscle for hire, got it? I'm a Bruiser; was, anyway. Well, actually, I still am, just not in the job title meaning, you know?

Whatever. Used to be, I was one o' those nameless so-called "peacekeepers" you'd see around Booty Bay. No love lost for the old job, though no hard feelings for the place itself. Booty Bay's a great place, great view, good deals... but let's face it, it just ain't a safe place these days. The Bloodsail dopes were one thing. Them I could handle. But then they started makin' friends with them crazy hero types, and sendin' them after us. Heh, no thanks.

Owin' to my departure from my former position, and due to some uhh.. mental traumas, I am officially no longer a member of the Steamwheedle Cartel. Figurin' it was time for the protector to side with some protection of his own, I threw my lot in with the Bilgewaters. I always secretly rooted for the Buccaneers anyway. The Sharks out-equipped them all the time, and I got a soft spot for the little guy. That and the Bilgewaters aren't on the side that has the crazy dogs. *Chip shudders*

But you know the Bilgewaters. No money in it on its own. You gotta find a source of REAL income. And that, boys and girls, is where I turn to you. What we got here is a muscle lookin' for someone to muscle for. Show me what ya got!

Oh and uh... you plague-happy dead freaks need not apply, ya dig? Bad enough I took the heat for not catchin' that bad shipment that started the Zombie plague a few years back. Three guesses who was workin' the docks that week. I ain't gettin' mixed up in that nonsense again.
@Okonkwo, arn't monks very new to Azeroth? So he must have recently left? I feel like there is something missing. Also death knights would never want to find peace. They were risen for one purpose only. To serve and to kill. I feel that death knights trying to gain emotions of anykind is sort of lorebreaking. Also death knights are violent people/undead/whatevertheyare. You should be filled with the desire to kill and seek vengence. Just my thoughts, others may agree or disagree but that is my critique

I think he means for this to be a Forsaken, not a Death Knight. Undead have emotions, it's just that their capacity for positive one's is stunted. Exposure to the Light can change this, albei painfully so.

Koltira and Thassarian are our only reference points for Death Knights interacting with society, and they imply there's more to un-life than slaughter and vengeance.

Anyways, irrelevant.

On monks: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/zone/scarlet-monastery/brother-korloff

Brother Korloff first learned of the monk's deadly arts from pandaren ambassadors as they journeyed through Azeroth. When the crusader demonstrated this martial style to his superiors, they unanimously ordered Korloff to train an entire generation of initiates in the ways of the monk.

Perfectly Canon.

@Okonkwo, I like the idea of him trying to continue his training in death. Him desiring peace is a rather compelling motive. To emphasize that, I would say you need to play up his conflict with being undead. Make him at odds with it, and that learning to be a monk is the way he can cope with it. Could be a very good story.
The creature known as The Ragman is in some regards an anomaly. Unlike most undead, he was never alive.

Never alive as an individual, at least. The Forsaken are often forced to scavenge pieces of bodies to replace ruined limbs or features on those they hope to reanimate, and all the castoff parts usually wind up simply being tossed into a pile of decaying reject parts.

It was to everyone's surprise when out of this pile of broken limbs and mangled flesh crawled a sorry excuse for a Forsaken. Lacking a jaw and composed of scrap from countless bodies, it seemed to be held together only by its own strength of will. Lacking both a name and a past, this creature has since gone on to serve alongside its brothers in death. It frequently wears masks of some sort, simply to pass more easily among those less used to staring death in the face.
I'll work on it and Sorry for not specifying that the story wasn't about my DK :P and thanks for you critique :D
@ Ragman: I like the concept. One question, is 'The Ragman' developing a consciousness? (eg is learning to make decisions for himself) or is it a slave to the will of Sylvanas?

I'll have a crack...

Cadoc Heartbane: Human Death-Knight (born, Cadoc Varley)

Cadoc was born the younger son of a Aroben Varley, A refugee turned soldier of the Second War. Cadoc's family had settled in Northshire Valley after the Second War and lived in relative peace during the rebuilding of the Nation of Stormwind.

Upon reaching adulthood, Cadoc followed in his father's footsteps and joined the Stormwind Guard, serving in the second 'War of the Shifting Sands' and the defense of Stormwind City during the Scourge invasion (Naxxramas).

While his brother and sister-in-law, both paladins of the Argent Dawn, left to cross through the Dark Portal, Cadoc remained on Azeroth stating his place was defending his home. However, during the early days of the Second Scourge Invasion (Zombie Infestation) Cadoc fell defending his home, his body taken to Archerus.

Cadoc was then raised as a Death-Knight by the Lich King, serving in the Sacking of Tyr's Hand before being released from the Lich Kings control at the Battle of Lights Hope. With no memory of his time serving the Lich King, Cadoc now struggles with his new existence, discarding his family name and taking the name 'Heartbane'.

While he has joined the Knights of the Ebon Blade to seek vengeance on the Lich King and the Scourge, Cadoc is haunted by the souls of his victims that are contained in his rune-blade. The most prominent soul being that of his brother's wife, taken captive by the Scarlet Crusade after her return from Outland and slain by Cadoc at Tyr's Hand.
My turn my turn!!

Seems pretty well thought out, and though I really do like the part about his sister-in-law's soul haunting him, I -think- only runeblades wielded by 2nd gen Death Knights steal souls and trap them in them, and that 3rd gen death knight's runeblades are simply tools for killing, and not capable of capturing souls...Maybe someone else might be able to correct me if I am wrong on that.

Overall, really like it!

This is Copy /pasted from my MRP, also does my Mog match my character?

Name: Teniya Woodsong

Teniya looks much the way she does in game, she proudly wears the tabard of the Cenarion Circle, and sports green and brown armor. Her hair is adorned with leaves and vines.

Teniya though she is kind and helps others, she often boast about her fighting prowess, she originally joined the Cenarion Circle to protect the druids during their slumber in Moonglade, but with their awakening she prefers traveling with them as apposed to guard duty.

Ten is somewhat eccentric and rambunctious, and loves to boast about her abilities and her allys, sometimes causing a bad situation to thicken, Ten is very blunt and tends to flat out say whatever is on her mind.

Teniya usually uses the number "10" to mark her belongings and signing papers as opposed to witting her name fully out,

Personality Quirks

She never gets anyone's name right, no matter how many times someone reminds her what it is. Most her friends have given up and just respon to her when she says anything vaugly sounding like their name.

Very energetic, eccentric, and blunt, she never holds back on saying what is on her mind, and subtly hinting at it...not her style.

She has a crush on Malfurion Stormrage, and any time he is near her she goes quite out of nervousness.

Teniya is very competitive, often challenging others to sparing matches, especially Darnassian Sentinels.

Things Teniya LOVES
-Fried fish is her favorite food.
-Getting in fights with the "bad guys"

Things Teniya HATES
-Waiting, being told to be patient
-Cold Weather.
-Large cities.


Critique please!!
Jonathan Harmarth is a very old character by now. With a very basic actual backstory, most of his history comes from RP that occurred in-game. A while back, I actually compiled a decently detailed biography of him for boredom. Detailing personality, skills and equipment as well as a record of his history and adventures thus far, it can all be found below. Worth noting is that the history section starts into in-game interactions after the first four paragraphs:

I am Zaelus Sunstrider. Son of Kael'thas Sunstrider. From what mum says, they hooked up ages ago and got married but Kael'thas kinda went crazy so they split up. Shame.. I woulda liked having him as a dad..
((Ow, my brain. ><))
Woah. I know kung-fu.
I'll just leave this here:

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