For blizzard paladins are useless I pvp

This is either a troll, or you need to find a new class. Someone suggested warrior, if you want mostly on demand dps, sounds like that might be the correct move for you.
You all just took the bait.
04/24/2013 09:42 AMPosted by Ironbite
You all just took the bait.

why are all horrible people in this game just called trolls?
We're quite fine for PvP. Also, getting a 15% damage bonus next patch.

It could be that Ret Paladin just isn't a good fit for you. Perhaps try a Warrior.

i do so love when scrubs post .. go pvp for a little bit .. and then talk ... dmg is decent .. ish ... survivability after bubble is !@#$ .. unless u have a pillar that u can run around while healing urself

please try some arena .. before talkin outa ur rear end
Ret isn't bad if you play intelligently. Keep yourself mobile and you can truck people.

Of course, you look like you need a bit of gear.

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