Level 90... Now what?

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Finally have gotten my Arms Warrior to level 90 - only problem now is I'm clueless what to do..
Tried asking a few people but got overwhelmed with answers and didn't know where to start.

Anyone able to give me a bit of advice on where to start? Current iLvl is 436.

Thank you very much!
Forgot to mention, I'd mostly be doing PvE.

Although I do PvP on occasion.
If you are mainly doing PvE, I would suggest heading to some random dungeons or Isle of Thunder to do some of the dailies there. The rep related gear there is quite decent. Running heroics though will probably be the fastest way to get geared for raid finder, or if you prefer - 10/25 mans.
Well, you could drive yourself crazy running the 100k dailies for the 12 (I think it is 12) factions that exist in MoP. I have been working on my Monk running through the LFR raids. Queue up for raids (when your gear iLVL is 460) and do the dailies for the different factions.

On the lower level in the shrine you should see a bunch of quests that will take you to the different factions.
Thank you :)

Do you know anything good for PvP also?
Thank you :)

Do you know anything good for PvP also?

You should be able to get the crafted Dreadful Gladiator gear for pretty cheap -- in addition to giving you a good starting place in PVP, it'll also give you a nice ilevel bump for getting into LFR to start picking up some PVE upgrades.
Gratz! #1 thing if you haven't already: train Wisdom of the Four Winds from the flight trainer at the Shrine of Seven Stars.

Scenarios are another option along with the heroics, it's another way to grind Valor but I'm not sure yet how many provide worthwhile gear. You can continue questing through Dread Wastes while waiting for queues and eventually receive some 450 gear, and you might try joining a Sha of Anger group sometime.

Right now I'd suggest running Arena of Annihilation for a 450 weapon, and visit Ao Pye in Townlong for a nice neck upgrade when you can afford it (wowhead.com/npc=70346). I think Striker's Battletags is what you'd want. Isle of Thunder might feel tough at first, but should get easier as your gear improves. (edit) Also, I forget exactly how it works but there's at least one daily or set of dailies for which you can choose to do either PvE or PvP content each day, so a bit of extra Honor is available there too.

If you don't mind running a lot of dailies, Klaxxi and Golden Lotus vendors will have gear, and reaching Revered with GL unlocks Shado-Pan and August Celestials for more gear, but as mentioned, it's mostly yet another way to obtain gear. You can look up each of those factions at Wowhead to see what their quartermasters sell, and what to expect from the rep grinds (in my experience Klaxxi went pretty fast, GL didn't).

And if you need a break from grinding for gear, you can run older content for achievements or whatever, work on your professions, or maybe do Angler, Tiller, and Cloud Serpent dailies.
Depending on your current gold situation, you could buy the starter PvP set of armor in the Auction House to get started running random battlegrounds to build experience and Honor Points. That will buy you upgraded gear through the PvP vendor in Pandaria.

As far as PvE is concerned, I would strongly recommend doing at least 1 random heroic per day so that you get your Valor points. You'll need valor for just about everything, so it's a good every-week kind of goal. Running LFR will help with Valor as well as gear.

Doing dailies may be a bit of a grind, but they're totally worth it. They unlock gear upgrades and patterns for different professions. They help you get more Valor (sensing a theme here?) and lesser charms of fortune which you can turn in at the Shrine of Seven Stars for Mogu runes of fate. They'll allow you to roll an extra time in LFR and raids if you don't get the gear you want.

Doing dailies can burn you out, so unless you have TONS of time to commit to it daily, just pick a single faction and do those dailies until you're exalted, and then move on to the next faction. The main 3 are the Klaxxi, Shadow Pan, and Golden Lotus. The new factions on Isle of Thunder are the Shadow Pan Assault and the Kirin Tor Offensive.

Best of luck!

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