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Ok, after the patch notes I used search to find PvP info. But the link does not come up from any path in the menu. Arena teams ought to be an option reached from the menu, not the search function.
Android user? Sorry, that was a change log for the iOS version. Android doesn't have an Arena Teams page -- and I'm not certain why; feature wasn't supported way back in the day before I was on the team. If you're using iOS, the Arena Team page is under the Character Profile drop-down at the top.

BTW, I did a search on your posts (I was looking for a previous post you had made in this forum so I could remember which platform you're on) and discovered that your post on 4/21/13 9:31 AM, "I have discovered that pets that only come from the vendor in green do not seem to pick up any value when stoned to rare. Is that true generally or only my server?" was your 1337th post. You got me beat with your elite posting!

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