Wyrmrest Accord
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Uh, looks mostly like armory, has rounder face(She's a little overweight).

Chubby Elf?~


I wouldn't mind free arts but w/e :P Dawnsky looks pretty similar to her model though she is obese and has tattoo markings on her face(Wind-like swirls starting on the side of her mouth and swirling up to her cheeks,) and horns(crack marks going along the bottom to the top.) (unfinished work!)

Sinfalore -


So cute :3
Excuse me while i go squee for about fifteen minutes.

Chubby Elf?~

Yis. c:

Draenei males have lots of angles :O Hope I did him some justice, Sharkeonas!

Draenei males have lots of angles :O Hope I did him some justice, Sharkeonas!

These are beautiful! I'm doubly impressed by how quickly you get them done.

That expression XD - For Sameille!

04/21/2013 01:24 PMPosted by Dawnsky

That expression XD

Yeaaaaaaah it's his eyes. If I erased the pupils I think he would look more normal :x
She's not a very smiley person, but damn, I love it none-the-less!!
She's beautiful ;u;... thank you ♥
All of dis.

So purdy.
I can't stop looking at it.
These are all really good :>
Still doing these? I'd love to get in on it if you are! Lala has grit! 8)
I am attending an RP event then finding some food and then I may do some more :) As I do more I'll edit the OP and post a link to the character.
Awww, I'm too late.

One drawing per person, yiss?
Good stuff, looks great. Keep it up!
I wish my art looked half as good as the stuff you make. I've yet to grasp the basics of anatomy. >_>
Laer, I'm jealous of how the noses are drawn. Hands, noses and feet. Can't ever seem to do it :C

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