Warlocks are literally a 1 man army class.

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Your funny man i dont see any other casters with warlock health pools atm.

I also don't see any other caster having a whole tier of talents...which cost health to use.. We don't have disperse/iceblock/blink/that thing where a priest disappears for a second/offheals (like a spriest)... All we have vs melee is fear...which they are immune to half the time, oh and teleport which doesn't close the gap enough when it comes to charge/DG/heroic leap.
I dare anyone saying warlocks are God mode please play one and have 1 or 2 decent melee on you. Depending on spec you wont get one cast off unless you use UR. Without team assistance a warlock can literally do nothing to me if I'm playing correctly and have all my c/ds.
How quickly people forget how much healing an SL/SL warlock used spit out and how durable they were and the consistent pressure with dots and insta-shadowbolts.

1-2 melee will absolutely shut down a Destro lock's damage and force him to heal. Once the heals are over then the lock is screwed.

I haven't seen a single good suggestion from the naysayers about how to balance us.
What needs to be balanced?

He is talking to the few in this thread who say we are too OP :P
So what if you have great heals. Big deal.

Exactly, after those "great heals" we are dead if outnumbered. If 1v1 it all depends on the class we're fighting..and skill. 1v1 does not matter in this game though.
Locks are fine

it's a l2p issue
You forgot to mention the nerfing of ret paladins they need nerfs.
Holy god in heaven, this thread is poisoned with retardation. Classes are not balanced around 15 undergeared, uncoordinated and uncooperative strangers derping in mid. Destro locks aren't OP. As a paladin I struggle a lot with locks, but that's not new. Lock damage in arena is easily healable and counterable, and their healing is negligible and functions more as a way to make up for their poor escape capacity (demo doesn't have the healing, but they have larger shields and Demonic Leap, and Axe Toss).

Warlock healing is perfectly fine. A destro lock can probably beat my healing in a random BG on occasion, but the way our classes function is different and their healing output in sheer numbers has little to do with their survivability against damage that actually matters, i.e. burst damage while their healer is cced, out of range, or while they are unable to defend themselves from it with counterpressure, cc, or defensive cooldowns. As was posted earlier, once their healing cooldowns are exhausted they're a pretty easy kill, as ember generation is not suitable for sustained survivability when being trained without assistance. They can still outplay you though, and if you don't know to take advantage of a situation with your trinket and your DPS cooldowns. you deserved to die to the lock who was struggling to survive.

If anything is overpowered about destro locks its Mannaroth's Fury's interaction with Fire and Brimstone being such accessible on-demand AoE damage synegizing so well with their equally accessible, powerful single-target burst damage and execute. As far as arenas go, they're actually not that strong.

EDIT: cool necro
I don't have a lot of issues with locks.
I was just in a BG against a prot warrior that had 677,000 hit points. That my friend is a raid boss.

Locs are pretty good this season, but they are nothing compared to the sea of insta cast CC melee that roflstomp you inside of a 5 second stun.

I am God, on your knees!

If only it were true!
The health is generated back so fast it isnt funny i know that for a fact if you want to beleive lock healing and defense arent a bit over the top thats your right i however disagree and thats my right.
When i post on my mage ppl say its QQ however mages used to for example have 3 shields and barrier abosrbed a ton more damage ppl whinged its was nerfed.
Now we locks have a 200k+ shield off pet unending resolve 40% damage reduction plus 8 sec silence immunity our spellward unboundwill if we choose it.
Then our healing abilities as well im not saying take everything but the skills should be reduced to be more in line with all casters and the health pools are as stated earlier way of no caster should be pulling 1-150k ahead in health.

It's funny because I don't see many locks at all in the top 3s. The first one I saw was demo... Nm was looking at one Bgroup
Destro isn't a problem, Demo is where the problem is. No casting at all? Pets doing about 50% of damage?

I should have saved the recount of a few arenas I did against warlock/healer as survival hunter/healer. 35% damage was from imps/wild imps. 20% was from being melee'd by their pet. And people say hunters are the ones that just sick their pets on people and go afk?

Yes I set my pets on you but the one thing Im not doing is afk, watch for the choas wave coming ur way and the fear oh the fear; I will fear you over and over as I chip away at ur health, when you become immune I will go dark apo and sleep you while the dps beat you to death!

We are very powerful finally but if you know how to counter and cc you can kill us all too easy!
I've reported problems with the DR on their Fear, where it actually went higher in duration while being spammed in an arena.

They are pretty beast, but they do have their weaknesses.
05/07/2013 10:41 AMPosted by Lovepony
I've reported problems with the DR on their Fear, where it actually went higher in duration while being spammed in an arena.

You probably walked into blood horror, which is a horrify and DRs different than fear/howl of terror...
Everyone though blood fear was OP, I prefer blood horror and think it's pretty great ;)

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