Frost DKs dual wielding or 2Hander?

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It's been a while since I've played my DK and he was DW frost and I did pretty good in arenas back in cata, now I see all DKs use 2H weapons instead. Is there a strong difference between the two aside from the rotation? Am I going to be losing a lot of DPS for going DW?
I think 2H has a little more DPS than DW, but both are viable. Make sure to check out the stat priorities for both styles!
Not much of a difference between the 2 styles if youre in it for arenas and RBGs. Ive seen it split evenly between the two
my hunter has seen both but frost 2h has a slight dps advantage
While I don't pvp, 2h frost is used in arenas due to burst. 2h frost can cast 6 obliterates in 7 gcd's. DW dps comes mainly from frost strike, which has ramp up time.

In pve, it's different

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