Herald of the Titans

If i can get my toons professions and gear polished up in time i'd be glad to come along.

Toon name:
Izrob - Mage
started gearing my feral druid today, shouldn't be long now danielbess14@gmail.com
Hey are u running this on alliance or horde?
I have a 70 hunter (this toon) that I'm gonna boost to 80 this week.
I also have a blood dk on horde that will be 80 soon. Can go dps as well with him.
Let me know if you're still doing this. I'd be interested as dps or tank.
Planning to level a mage specifically for this purpose - btag carnage#1996 - let me know if u need me. Leveling asap.
Power levelling a resto shaman.

btag - Laura#1848
should a pally tank go for pure mastery? or get hit/exp?
I am currently leveling and once 80, going to gear up a paladin.

She currently is 73, once I get her to 80 I know I can get her virtually all the needed gear rapidly.

I do know the fight for the most part.

If you still plan on running this, I am starting this process now. If you have done it, for anyone who might be interested we can hopefully make a group as well.

I plan to make the pally a tank, but will work on a ret offspec as well.

I have a shaman can be either heals or dps real id is irishcoven@yahoo.com
got an enchance shaman let me know if you need more toons

Edit: Kristen#1412
If you need a tank I currently have a warrior at level 80 and am gearing him up almost complete with enchants and sockets please let me know if you still need more. I know most of the fight.

Battletag: Guppy#1174

Please add me if anyone is doing herald of the titans.

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