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Hello Ladies and Gents.

Returning to the game, I am a casual who likes the pve and pvp for an hour in the evenings and I am finding the website guides for pve to be too in depth. Can someone help me with a few questions and give me the "dummies version" without the spreadsheets, I would be forever grateful.

I like playing the sniper so I play mostly marksman.

- On the game guide(in wow's spellbook) is says "use Aimed shot when master marksman occurs", wouldn't you want to use aimed shot all the time whenever the Chim shot is on cool down?

-I enjoy the power shot talent, its really strong, and it only happens every 45 seconds so it gives me more time to have one less thing to do. Is this really hurting me in the raids or are all the talents comparable?

-I am not sure when to use rapid fire and stampede, do you just use them every time they are up or do you run yourself completely out of energy and then cast them?

And lastly, I was doing a quest in the new area and I seen an NPC kneel down and snipe, is that something only npcs can do or is there a way I can take a knee to snipe? It was a female SI7 lady if that helps.

Thanks for any and all help,
I am really enjoying the game.
Aimed shot's cast time makes it not worth using outside of it's proc unless the boss is over 80% hp so you get the careful aim bonus.

This is definitely a more hunter specific thing. I would check on the hunter forum for talent debates.

You should use rapid fire and stampede every time they are up and you shouldn't stack rapid fire with heroism.

You can't be in combat while sitting down, combat makes you stand up.

This is just from my general knowledge of hunters though. You should really look into the hunter forum for more accurate information as the regulars here usually help with more basic questions.
Rompola, I'd definitely suggest you review the information on for a Marksman Hunter, paying specific attention to what they recommend as a rotation, glyphs and talents that will maximize the damage you will do.

My own hunter is stalled at 48 (where she was at the end of Cata) while I clear content on higher level characters so I can't answer your questions directly from experience, but the information from Icy is very very good in general, and will likely answer your other questions, but one:

There is no character animation I am aware of that lets you kneel and fire.

You may want to check out the guides at - assuming they are not one of the sites you looked at already.

However, hunters currently have a large amount of buttons to manage. To be very good at end game can be complicated. A good initial strategy is to aim for average dps and add more elements to your shot priorities as you become familiar with the situational use of your existing spells.

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