[A] <Kill it Please> Recruiting for WoD

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Hello everyone,

We are opening up recruitment to fill up our roster for next expansion's Mythic raiding. We intend to begin taking applicants immediately, although our focus is on finishing up heroic Garrosh (estimate 2-4 weeks).

We fully intend to involve new applicants in the remaining progression and 14/14 heroic farm in preparation for Warlords of Draenor. We will be taking a large roster into the expansion so if you think you have what it takes to be in our top 20, send through an application as soon as you'd like and get yourself settled in with us in time for the beta!!!

Kill it Please is a 10 man alliance guild on the Oceanic server Frostmourne. The guild has a very strong PvE raiding focus but also provides a very active and friendly social environment outside of our scheduled raid times.

Most of us raided together in Cataclysm under the guild name of Fallen Chapter, taking down Sinestra and Heroic Ragnaros before the release of the Dragon Soul instance. Upon the release of Dragon Soul we reformed under new leadership to form what is now <Kill it Please> and firmly established ourselves on the server by taking out the realm 2nd and US 4th 10 Man Heroic Madness kill.

We finished Tier 14 as World number 67 ten man scoring ourselves an Oceanic first Heroic Sha kill.
Tier 15 saw us replace some key positions in our raid team due to attrition and still we came in top 100 to find ourselves at world number 96 ten man.

Kill it Please is presently the number one Alliance guild on Frostmourne and for all of Oceania. We've developed a very positive reputation within the Frostmourne community due in no small part to our many PvE sales. This also has the added benefit of generating quite a lucrative income for all of our raid team.

We are currently actively recruiting to bolster our ranks with players of all classes, roles and specs as we near the end of progression for this expansion.

We are also always interested in exceptional players regardless of our specific requirements at any one time.

It is also important to note that competence playing multiple classes and specs is highly valued in Kill it Please and will prove invaluable in securing a trial with our raiding team.

If you are not interested in end game raiding but still feel that Kill it Please might provide the kind of in-game environment that you desire, feel free to head over to our website and make an application to be a social member.

Our current progression is as follows:

16/16HM Tier 14

13/13 HM Tier 15

14/14 HM Tier 16

Raid schedule:

All times are AEST GMT+10(not AEDT)

Wednesday - 8pm to 12am
Thursday - 8pm to 12am
Sunday - 8pm to 12am
Monday - 8pm to 12am

Our raid times have historically been very consistent and seldom will we ever stray from them save for having a week off over Christmas and of course once we are clearing content in one or two nights.

If you are interested in joining us please apply on our website at http://killitplease.enjin.com or contact myself, Palawin or Xiviara in game.

If you’d like to see us in action we have some kill videos available on the following youtube channels:


Thanks for your interest, hope to see you in game soon.
good luck m8s
gl friends~
Kill It Please should come mix it up weeknights with us instead... Much better idea imo.
But Lei Shen is so scary!

Trial spot available for any healer or range dps for this Wednesday.
Hai fronds my Avengers shield does lots of dmg :)
I wanna see 10 prot pallies circling the boss with a staggered avengers shield rotation.

Considering any class ranged dps/healer apps!
Can trial this week.
I wanna see 10 prot pallies circling the boss with a staggered avengers shield rotation.

Considering any class ranged dps/healer apps!
Can trial this week.

Lets go find 8 other prot pallies ;)
Also GL moar heroic kills this week fronds
Looks like you guys have found the hidden boss of ToT, Apatheticus and Attritionar the destroyer of guilds :) I'm sure you guys will do fine, you always do. Good luck on the rest of the zone !
There very friendly people! EVERYONE JOIN THEM!

Goodluck mates :D
Still need range dps trials!

Any class has a shot but prefer hunter/boomkin.
Bump for top notch healers
Thanks for the support.

Trials still available to high quality range dps or healer. Come join the best m8s brigade!
Bump, high quality guild.
Bump for #1 alt runs
This thread is so cheesy that mice are gonna start gathering.
We are currently actively recruiting the following classes/specs:

Discipline Priest
Restoration/Balance Druid
Mistweaver Monk
Ranged DPS of any class/spec
Still have a spot for either a healer or a range dps!

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