[A] <Kill it Please> Recruiting for WoD

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Hi Alex
Still looking for a great resto druid or mistweaver.
Nobody would ever take me would they? I don't have anything to prove really on my characters, just a measly ilvl489 priest, that's my best effort, pretty pathetic right? Yah I know.

So why QQ on our forums you ask? Well, I'm not really having a whine, yeah I know I'm horrendously geared and not much to show.

But I have that willpower, that determination to down bosses. Yes I may be be geared, or have achievement/logs to prove my skill; but I know my class, and how to play, I know fights, I rock up to raids on time.

I'm not asking for a spot in your team, I'm just asking for some help, a lost soul like me is just trying to get there way back into a good guild that can help me be the best I can be. If you guys feel like you could help me, or if I have anything to offer you. Please feel free to respond so we can chat more!!

Hope to hear back.
Steve. :)
Hello once again!!

I'd like to say a big thanks to palawin for helping me out today in game!! I shall be looking at transferring my priest to Frostmourne within the next month or thereabouts!! It was great to get some help from such a knowledgeable group of players and I look forward to seeing you all on Frostmourne!!

Steve :)
Hi Fronds, and Alex.
3 new bosses this week. Now looking at Lei Shen.

I can't believe noone ever linked this here;

I'm coming for you Slickcasts.
Still want a good healer.
Still want a good healer.

stush is coming back.

#1 disc
more like #1 dog
Hai guys, me again, had some trouble with my bank this week with money not transferring ^_^ should have that crap sorted next week and I'll be over shortly!! Downed normal Jin on 84k sustained HpS XD super 1337 here.

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