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What are diminishing returns? I see this term in-game and on the forums a fair bit when researching but I'm not quite sure what it means.

How do I get gems for sockets and then use them? Is there a guide or something that can explain all the different types of gems and which ones are best for whatever purpose? Can I make gems with the Jewelcrafting profession?

What can I get from the Alchemy, Engineering and Archaeology professions?

Rogue-specific. How many poisons can I have on my weapons at a time?

Mage-specific. How can I make portals for me and others to use?

Hunter-specific. How do you summon like 3 pets at once? S:

Warrior-specific. Why do you have to be so overpowered at low levels? :(
Diminishing Returns is a mechanic in the game that keeps the same type of crowd control ability from being used repeatedly. As the same type of ability get's used the duration becomes shorter.

Most diminishing returns apply to PVP but there are some examples in PVE as well.

A quick example of this would be polymorph. You can "sheep" a player for 10 seconds the first time, 5 seconds the second time, 2.5 seconds the third time, and they will be immune the fourth time. Diminishing returns can be a complicated mechanic to fully understand when it comes to all the specifics, but the general understanding is that the same type of crowd control ability can't just be spammed endlessly on players.

You can find more info about DR here

You can get uncut gems from mining, and jewelcrafters can prospect ore to find uncut gems. Uncut gems need to be cut by a jewelcrafter before they can be used in sockets. There are a bunch of guides for endgame gems, but early on you should really just gem whatever your primary stat is.

Alchemy is dedicated to making Potions, Flasks, and elixirs. Flasks are very important for endgame, and potions are very handy. Alchemists also can make themselves a very nice trinket.

Engineers can make a variety of different fun and useful items. Some quick examples

A repair NPC
A mailbox NPC
A teleport device
A flying machine

Engineers also are able to make special tinkers for their armor, like nitro boots that give a speed boost.

Archaeology allows you to dig up artifacts to get a variety of interesting items. A lot of them are more on the vanity side, but you are able to get some gear and other useful items. Since it's a secondary profession it's not mandatory by any means.

Rogues can have one nonlethal and one lethal poison on at once. The list of your poisons should say which are lethal and non-lethal. Lethal poisons tend to be more about damage while non-lethal poisons are more about their secondary effect.

Mages learn teleports and portal skills as they level up. You also need to learn some from the portal trainer, located nearby mage trainers in towns. Check your spellbook to see when you can get them. If you are in a party or raid and you make a portal all your party/raid members can use the portal.

Hunters get a skill late in the game called stampede that allows them to summon 5 pets at once. They also get a talent called dire beast which allows them to summon an additional beast.

Low level PVP is extremely unbalanced and it always will be.

Let us know if you have additional questions or need more information about anything I mentioned, as it's late and I'm sure I missed stuff.
Diminishing returns means 2 things, depending on context.

When it refers to stats like dodge, it means that adding the same amount of the stat (as in this chestpiece has 27 Dodge) adds less and less Dodge percentage the more you have. (For example, if you have 1% Dodge at whatever level you are, it might add another 1%, but if you already have 40%, it might add 1/4 of a percent. )

When referring to crowd control (spells that disable a player or mob for a significant period of time) it means that if you try to use that same spell or another that also disables the mob or player one after the other, the second spell cast only lasts for half as long, until after several casts it doesn't work at all.

Yes, JC makes gems. Except for some end-game enchants that provide gem sockets, they come on the gear (again, toward endgame). Gemming before endgame can get very confusing and expensive unless you can make your own, unless you make your own I generally don't recommend it.

Alchemy lets you make potions primarily, Engineering lets you make items that for the most part only you can use, and Archeology doesn't generally provide a lot of benefits although it does play a role in making a very cool mount (if you are lucky, and an alchemist) and has a few cool mounts/pets.

It sounds like you might want to browse through the various professions:

(Removed - Monmon's answer is more specific and precise than mine, go with his!)

Portals, you cast a spell once you are high enough level to have it, and then anyone in your party or raid can right click to use it.

(Someone else will have to answer the hunter question, and the warrior question)


Edit (Monmon already did while I was writing up a response!)
S: Wow... you guys are awesome. Thanks for answering my questions ;D
And a couple clarifications: gear with sockets won't show up until after level 60, but for the most part gemming gear can be saved until level cap; and hunters can only have one controllable pet active at a time, the abilities that summon extra pets during a fight are temporary.
Why does it have to be warriors that are seen as OP? but seriously, at lower levels stats do not scale correctly as they would at level cap. Protection warriors can basically 1 shot anyone at lower levels using shield slam.

and as for the rest of the questions, Monmonn was pretty spot on. Kudos

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