Avant Garde Recruiting (Updated 06/21/2013)

Aerie Peak
Hi, we just met you and this is crazy, but we are Avant Garde, so raid with us maybe?

<Avant Garde> is a semi-hardcore progression guild that is looking for more exceptional raiders.

Currently we are recruiting for Team Dinomoose and Team ManBearPig !

We need:

Team Dinomoose:
We are looking to fill up a few dps spots, below are the classes we are looking for, with a ranking on how badly we need you :D


Pally (High
Druid (Med)
Monk (Med)
Death Knight (High)
Warrior (High)


Shaman (Low)
Pally (Med)
Monk (Low)
Druid (Low)
Priest (Low)


Hunter (Med)
Shaman (Low)
Mage (High)
Balance Druid (Med)
Rogue (Low)
Warrior (Low)
Death Knight (Med)
Rogue (Med)

Turtle (Instant Spot)

Team ManBearPig:
Looking for 2 tanks and a couple of dps to fill out the roster :)

2 Tanks - Open recruitment

Monk (High)
Pally (High)
Death Knight (High)
Warrior (High)
Druid (High)

Healers - Not Looking

Damage - Looking for 1 Melee 1 Ranged

Rogue (High)
Monk (High)
Warrior (High)
Druid (Med)
Shaman (High)
Mage (High)

Anyone else who feels they have what it takes to keep up with Team ManBearPig

Guild Website: http://avantgarde.guildlaunch.com/

Our Raid times are as follows:

Team Dinomoose
Wed 5:30-8:30 ST
Thurs 5:30-8:30 ST
Sun 5:30-8:30 ST

Team ManBearPig:
Fri 6:00-9:00 pm ST
Sat 6:00-9:00 pm ST

All this being said, we do require you to have a Stackable Stag on your person for sacrifices to the stag God, as well as having said stag macrod into every one of your abilities so that it is always used on cooldown.

(Examples of a typical raid night with Stags)

If you are interested in joining or have any questions feel free to message us in game, just ask for an officer, there is usually one online :)


You can reach me in game, or add my battletag Parian#1795

For Team ManBearPig contact Revlutunz (Rev#1825) or Azcadellia (Azcadellia#1137), if neither of them are on, feel free to direct any questions towards me :)
I was about to report this post as spam thinking you were spamming several realms to get applicants. Then I realized you are coming over here. So welcome to AP.
Nice stag stacking
Not sure how i feel about you maybe being better than us,

Also not sure how I feel about how much betetr your raid times are than ours, as I live on the east coast and STARTING at 10:30 pm is crippling me.

ALSO not sure how I feel about the RL > WoW thing i see posted on your wowprogress as this is a sentiment i identify with.

Miz I think I need to break up with you. No wait come with, they need a healer too.

You can find my incredibly cheesy ranking logs at World of Logs here:

But seriously,

what brings you to AP from Earthen Ring?

IF you say CTR I am just going to flip bacon.

EDIT: Looks like you lost like the top 4 players from your logs to poaching? But then why move to AP? How does that solve anything?
We did lose people and Earthen Ring isn't all that great anymore for raiders so the few of us left wanted a fresh start.
Ignore Chaingirl's loooooooong drown out welcome...that's just how "she" is when "she" secretly likes you.
If you guys decide to come here... Aerie Peak welcomes more raiders!

Chaingirl cries when he wins rare mount loot rolls.

Welcome to Aerie Peak.
Chaingirl cries when he wins rare mount loot rolls.

Welcome to Aerie Peak.

A guy cries ONCE when a mount drops and he NEVER HEARS THE END OF IT
The majority of the people we lost we are better off for losing. Our raid environment was not that great, and we would of all fallen apart and gone our separate ways. But the remaining few of us decided we wanted to stick together and agreed that a new realm would be the best option.

That being said, we (mainly myself :P) Looked at a bunch of realms to see what people said about them. Over all, Aerie Peak had the most positive reception and not much negativity. So, in the end this is where we decided to make our new home.

RL > WoW is a joke that has been in this game for ages, we like to use it a lot ;)

Overall, we hope to get raiding again quickly when all of us make it over here :)
HAI I just met you, and this is crazy, but we like raiding, so join us maybe?
have my babies plz
have my babies plz

Name the place and time ;)
have my babies plz

Don't let his avatar fool you. He is actually a fat panda in disguise.
And the take over has started :D
And the take over has started :D

We shall take over the server :D
Bacon Trains

That is all

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