Avant Garde Recruiting (Updated 06/21/2013)

Aerie Peak
I love you for this.
Updated yet again :D Both teams recruiting :D
Just xferred and I am interested in your guild :D I know I am a spriest but pst me maybe?
Updated :D

Team 2 finally got rolling a little last night. Group seems to be coming together but we could still use one melee and one ranged DPS that can show up consistently on Fridays/Saturdays from 8-11:30 PM EST. We will also make room for whatever you got if you are highly interested and a skilled player. Going for full clear this upcoming weekend.
What type of Loot system do you use?

Tired of guilds that use Loot council.... an all the gear seems to go to the Clique.... leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
we generally use the need/greed because anything else is stupid imo. Sometimes we may give a piece of gear to someone who doesnt win the roll if the winning roller already won something or if a piece will clearly benefit one class over another.
BUMP Cause recruiting again, and we love you all <3
Annnnnd I'ma panda :D Come join us, looking for a few more ^.^
Ermagherd Bermping Cers Erpdate.

Only need a few more, 2x Range dps 1x Melee.

Add me on Battletag for a chat if you're interested.

And to the top once again :D

We be recruiting dem raiderssss
We're still looking for team 2 members. Right now we need 2 tanks, 1 melee DPS and 1 range DPS. If you're interested please battletag me Azcadellia#1137 or Revlutunz Rev#1825
Updated with current needs of both teams :D
Bump for bros.
Updated with our current needs :) Would love to have you all :D
Bump for group one need plate tanks and a warlock!
We need more pandas, just saying

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