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Hey everyone,

I was wondering if some of you wouldn't mind sharing your tips/tricks against other classes in pvp. I finally had time to level my Ret up (he was my first and main back in vanilla, but it left a very bitter taste about the class/spec, I have barely played him since).

Just thing's you might pass on to newbies, like when to use what, how to deal with the tougher classes, etc. Thing's to really practice and master.

I do a fairly good job with tossing out heals/freedoms/protections etc and kiting, I usually have trouble managing Inquisition, knowing when to use cooldowns offensive and defensive especially against high burst classes.
try to use judgement on cd to get more selfless heals out, maintain your inquisition buff, and use your cc efficiently. remember ret is not like a warrior, you have the job of aiding your teammates as well as tossing out strong burst, not just piledriving everything in your path. try to use freedoms on teammates rather than yourself. make sure you are glyphed and specced right, and gl.
Managing Inquisition is going to be key, it's just something you need to constantly work at before it feels natural. Refresh when < 3 remaining, and start thinking about saving up HP to refresh when ~6 sec remaining.

Knowing when to use offensive/defensive cooldowns is going to vary based on the class you are fighting, and if you're fighting solo or not. I've been in BGs where I concentrate solely on supporting others and bursting when they burst, however I've also fought enemies solo where I was heavily cooldown-reliant. You'd really need a breakdown of how to fight X class best solo, but if you learn their abilities you come up with your own strategy pretty easily.

Our 2 min burst is among the best and scariest in the game, and people who know what they're doing will either turn tail, pop a defensive cooldown, or CC you. If they're not dying, and can't get away from you, it's a good way to pop their defensive CDs.

Against high burst classes, I'd say to try and out live it before going on offensive. We have bubble and great heals. Devotion Aura + Divine Protection together is a 60% reduction in Magic damage, an awesome Shield Wall for magic. If you can use Line of Sight to get away and heal, you improve your chances that much more. Sometimes it's worth it to switch to Seal of Justice, slow them, Freedom + Judgement to speed away, get behind that pillar and heal up.
As for Inquisition get an addon like weakauras it will help you out a ton.

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