Guild only limitation of mobile armory

Mobile Bug Report
Not a big post
Just a software dev suggestion.
Might be nice to have the ability to whisper friends/real ID/battle tag
Through the mobile armory app
Friends would be tough, but I'd love the realID functionality to be added
I'd also love them to add a Real I'd. Function
The option to chat with real ID friends would be amazing. I do more things with them than my guild usualy. And likw right now im having a lazy moment. Its 1:30 in the morning and I wish I knew if any of my friends were online before getting up and setting all my laptop gear up for real ID would be perfect for the app
I agree with the original poster 100 percent but I would like to see full chat functionality includimg system channels such as the trade channel for the realm of the particular character I am logged into. I have characters in different guilds for the sole purpose of having more people to chat with on the mobile app.
Thank you for the suggestions. For now, there is no immediate plan to add chat functionality outside of WoW, but it is something in our backlog.

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