498 BEAR or 508 FDK LF sat/s weekend raiding

Used to be a competent raider, then I joined the workforce, sometimes my hours are long, so raiding MONDAY-FRI is out of the question. And it likes to socialize one night of the week, SATURDAY night. What does this leave? <SATURDAY during the day/early evening and SUNDAY day or night>.

My damage? Solid. Able to follow mechanics? Easily. And experience? Hardmodes, high server rankings. I research every fight thoroughly and I'm never late.

I have 3/12 xp only because I had to stop raiding a few months ago. Last patch on my bear I was 5/16H 7/9 G CM.
FROST DK: 3/12 xp
BEAR: 0/12 xp

Battletag: DeadraHelix#1993
Your schedule sounds exactly like mine. I run 5.0 heroics on Saturday during the day and ToT on Sunday afternoon. However we are alliance and primarily in need of a disc priest, although we may have a spot for plate dps. Not so much for orcs though! D:

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