Paladin tanking, Talon Rake and Downdraft

So I've just started tanking on my paladin and I've run into some trouble on Ji'kun with Downdraft. I'm currently using the Pursuit of Justice talent, but even with 3 Holy Power, I'm not keeping up with downdraft. This makes the whole "being in range for the talon rake that comes immediately after downdraft" problematic.

Does anyone have any advice, either on talent selection, positioning, or tips on mechanically running the downdraft (or perhaps all three...) that might help me?
Spec into Speed of Light, position yourself as close as possible to boss (practically underneath, but not), cast it right before it starts and just try to stay facing him while moving forward. Don't go side to side, don't attack and you will be in his face when down draft is over, closest to him..also tell other tank and melee to stay out of range so they don't get !@#$% slapped by the co-tank found out the hard way a few times.
Use Speed of Light. And any melee should wait for you to be back in range first, not the other way around.
^ Speed of Light. The 70% sprint keeps us running in place the entire time (which makes me wonder a little bit how other tank classes handle it...? haha).

The timer isn't 100% on-the-ball either. It's pretty close, but I usually wait for his animation to actually start before I actually hit Speed of Light and start moving against the wind. If you move to the center of his hitbox right before the pushback, you won't even get moved all the way out of his hitbox before you can react (and if you do, it will be barely so - you will have more than enough time to walk back in and whack him so that your melee won't get a 50000000k Talon Rake to the face).

Also, hello fellow Kargathian! Do you enjoy the boring slow server? How about that 'Empress' character? GOSH
Speed of light up for every downdraft. Ez :)
Thank you for the advice! I'll be giving that a whirl for my next kill.

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