Still no stinking bow!!!!!

So Im curious. We are way into the expac, yet after farming all bow dropping bosses Im still stuck with the heroic dungeon tempestuous bow. Have others found their sha touched gem and wrathion crap totally useless as you cant get a bow upgrade??. Forget the gun I wont use it even if it did drop for me Im more interested in others experiences of trying to get the bow, any bow?
Sorry to hear you are having such crappy luck =(

Which bow are you trying to get? I'd like the Shattered Tortoiseshell Longbow myself (nifty lightning effect when it shoots), but haven't put much time into the 5.3 LFR yet.

(I got Fang Kung, Spark of Titans right before 5.3 hit, and went ahead and upgraded it, figuring that Murphy's Law would ensure that if I saved my VP then I wouldn't get another weapon upgrade for the rest of the expansion. Sure enough, Taoren, the Soul Burner dropped right after that lol.)

What is about the guns you dislike? I know many people can't stand all of the gunfire sounds, but transmog has taken care of that. Just curious.
I'd like the Shattered Tortoiseshell Longbow myself (nifty lightning effect when it shoots)

Mine didn't have that :c The gun does though!

@OP, I hope you have better luck in getting a bow in the near future
Hell, I still can't manage a heroic upgrade for my weapon.
Mine didn't have that :c The gun does though!

Really? Well dang. The wowhead modelviewer gives it the effect, but apparently it's not in the game. Oh well.
I went back to the Miracoran after I got my head and shoulder tier pieces tonight. Using the tortoiseshell bow just kept me just over 9.6% hit.

RNG is still RNG. It hasn't changed since the game was released.
Buuuuut can't you transmog a gun into a bow?

Still get the upgrade and have the nice quite whoosh!

I would think that is a viable option for you ;-)
Kill me god. I hate this stupid crossbow.
Funny how i got the LFR Durmuru last week, yesterday won the Random drop one on a bonus roll on Jin ROk, Won the Tortoise bow the next run and another Xbow the run after that.

I felt so bad for the other hunters in all those raids
What is about the guns you dislike? I know many people can't stand all of the gunfire sounds, but transmog has taken care of that. Just curious.

I was playing MM at the time... transmogged a gun into a bow. It would still make a gun sound when Wild Quiver procced. That's the only thing I can think of. I don't know if that still happens.
Don't like guns and xbows?

Xmog. =D
We've had the Xbow from Durumu drop, and then the gun from Iron, guess I can't complain about weapons. Set pieces on the other hand...grr
Loot gods hate me the majority of the time. The gun from Lei Shei has NEVER dropped for me, even with bonus loot rolls. =( I guess it wasn't meant to be, lol. However, the first time I set foot into LFR Tortos, I won the bow with a bonus loot roll.
Lord, Briinn! I thought I was unlucky. I've rolled and runed for the ranged weapon 34 times with no luck but I feel fortunate to see that you've had 65 opportunities (NOT including bonus rolls) to get the weapon and have not. The RNG system seems to have it out for some people, while others (they should buy a lottery ticket) seem to get the drops without fail. Good luck, I'll be checking back and hoping the best for you!
Going back to OP, I haven't gotten a gun, bow or crossbow drop yet either... I'm still using the gun you can buy when you get exalted with the Klaxxi, and I upgraded it once.

Now I admit, I didn't run ToES as often as I could have, but now I am running every ToT that drops a weapon for me and saving all my extra rolls for it, still no weapon.

I know it sounds like a bunch of QQ, but really blizz? I know RNG is RNG... but I thought the purpose of valor points and crafted gear was to make it so that if you were unlucky with RNG you could still get something. So let's see a vp or crafted weapon for me please?
Every week i run all the raidfinders and im still using the bow from mogushun palace :C i only save the bonus rolls for bosses that drop weps
I know how you feel, i spent a few months trying to get a ranged weapon from lfr, the sha touched weapon in particular, and had no luck whatsoever lol then the week the second part of ToT came out for lfr, i went in and got the bow from tortoros without having to use a token. I was pretty happy since it was the last slot i needed an epic in. Then i went to run terrace and the gun drops for the first time in months -.- ever since i got the bow, weapons are always dropping for me..i just wish i could trade it to other hunters in the group that have had no luck

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