Just a thought on survivability as Ret.

I have fairly recently come back to WoW after a hiatus playing other games and really enjoy all the major changes to the game in general. What I was wondering is everyone who plays a paladin or Ret specifically thinks about their own survivability in Arenas/RBGs/BGs. I love how BoSac removes magic like our old dispels and with talents we're allowed 2 before going on CD which makes us become more selective of when to use it, which is a great mechanic in my opinion. But right now I feel as if my own survivability is lacking and on top of that our talent tree is very linear. For Ret at least.

Here is my train of thought. Because I have recently come back, I do 2s to cap Conquest points and for the most part, things go fairly well. My teammate plays well and I don't mess up as often as I figured as I would and we're both just getting back into things ( I peaked around 2450-2500 in 3s and he was a s5 Glad for reference). We play Ret/Mage in 2s currently.

I feel strongly that my own ability to survive needs help, because Ret's are so susceptible to getting trained, there is very little I can do, against let's say, Rogue/Mage or any comp that can easily train me into oblivion. I'm not complaining that I'm getting stomped constantly but that it's very difficult to stay alive after I have used a lot of my defensive CDs.

I feel as if maybe an issue like this could be fixed with giving Ret's back our old Sacred Shield back, or even give back HoFr the ability to remove stuns on ourselves. Getting stun-locked by a Rogue/Mage combo with minimal downtime in between using my defensive CDs until they can do it again seems a bit too short in my opinion and forces me to completely play defensive until my teammate and I can maybe/hopefully set up a counter with a good CC chain etc. Regardless, it's fun to be back PvPing again and I'm relearning a lot of what has changed with other classes and not just my own.

I am also bringing this up before patch 5.3 because so far Blizzard is giving us a 15% damage boost to a passive for us. Which by all means is great. But our damage in my personal opinion isn't something we're lacking. Especially on-demand burst damage. It's Ret's being able to be run into the ground fairly easy compared to any and other classes.

Now I understand there are a lot of variables in PvP and it all barrels down to a combination of them. Everything from team-comp, enemy team-comp, mistakes made, CD management etc. But I'm just asking for other paladin's opinions on how much they would disagree or agree with my general view of our own survivability. Outside of Holy paladins because you guys are monsters.
I think most of what you said is at this point basic knowledge and very few will argue that ret has issues with survivability.

The unfortunate part is that we are not the only class with these issues and with burst going up and up as well as the cc game things just spiral out of control.

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