Prot Pally trinkets: Spark + ?

So I've run into a little bit of a dilemma for what trinket I should equip along with Spark for BiS.

Yes, I know tanking trinkets change based on fight, etc. I'm looking at general-use.

I'm almost considering H Lei Shen's Final Orders? The other two choices (Ji-Kun's/Fortitude) don't seem as appealing; the base stats on those two are nice, but the proc on Ji-Kun's isn't that good and Fortitude's on:use isn't that great either.

Darkmist Vortex has a really long ICD so I'm just ignoring that for now.

Last note, I am looking strictly at normal mode ToT trinkets. Once I get a chance at H Ji-Kun's or Fortitude, I'd definitely use them over H Lei Shen's. While I'm looking at the normal versions though, it seems like H Lei Shen's could be better.
Brutal Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault

Expertise and Haste are basically interchangable with our reforging requirements (unless we just have So. Much. Expertise. that we can't justify anymore, and that's really not feasible until next tier it seems), so it's actually a solid tank trinket. Easy to obtain, powerful, nice chunk of a great stat.

H Lei Shen's is very nice as well, more reliable amount of Strength but we don't *actually* care that much about the Strength value or reliability. We're caring about the Haste or Expertise value primarily.

edit: Also, I agree that the proc on Ji-Kun's really isn't that important overall, but I think it is quite handy for harder content/progression. I use the TF version and have relegated Brutal Talisman to just sitting in my bags. The extra 86 Expertise is what really seals the deal, but also going into heroics... I don't think that a low uptime Strength proc is really that important. The heal proc is dinky, but it only procs when you're dangerously low so it's not really useless.
The Shado-pan trinket is extremely good as stated before, but the strength is one thing that really draws me to it. Strength is worth ~.95 parry rating so we get a HUGE amount of parry on about a 20% uptime. Other then that id stick with Spark plus Final orders.

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