[A]25 <Top Shelf> 12/12 Recruitment

About Us
Top Shelf is a 25-man Alliance PvE progression raiding guild on Sargeras. We have a very relaxed atmosphere comprised of ex-top 100 players dating back to vanilla. We want players that have excellent raid awareness and will go above and beyond for the sake of progression. We joke around, we swear and might be offensive to some people, but hey it's a game and raiding has gotta be fun.

We are strictly looking for players with a minimum item level of 505. As a whole our guild is mainly focused on progression. We love to raid. After raid times or on off nights people often transmog, PvP or clear tier 14 content.

Our raiders are very close with one another. We can talk some s*** to each other and know it's all in good fun. We don't take things personal. However, we are serious during boss encounters. We know what type of players we're looking for, Average and below average quality players need not apply.

While the rest of this post may seem pretty aggressive, its only to let you know the type of people that fit in best with our core, if you're easily offended, please turn away now. If you're not please, keep reading and I'm sure you'd have a great time if you end up trialing with <Top Shelf>

T14 - 9/16h
T15 - 12/12

Raid Schedule

Tuesday - 8:00PM-12:00AM CST
Wednesday - 8:00PM-12:00AM CST
Thursday - 8:00PM-12:00AM CST

<Top Shelf> of Sargeras is recruiting for 25 heroic progression. Although spots are nearly full, players with exceptional raid skills are encouraged to apply.

Things you should know before applying
Your money is on the line
You're paying your 25, or 55 dollars to Blizzard, just like we all did, to come to Sargeras

If you are not overwhelmingly confident in your ability to earn and keep your raid spot here, don't pay.
If you are not a competitive player, don't pay.
If you like to talk a lot in mumble and have an annoying voice (lisp, accent, stu-stu-stuttering problem), don't pay.
If you don't have a mic and cannot communicate over mumble, don't pay.

Please don't think for any reason that I (or any member) will feel bad for you if you paid your cash to be kicked because you are incompetent or get offended.

Package deals
To put it bluntly, if you're awesome, but your friends suck they're on the pine pony.

I understand that you're amazing, that they roll with you, and that any kind of in-game activity has your friendship hanging in the balance; but if you think we're going to carry your mouth breathing friends you're dead wrong.

If your "life partner" is horrible at this game we will recommend a new activity that may be better suited for their time. Maybe they can lead our LFR progression team.

Female applicants
You need a firm grasp of reality, and thick skin.

What I mean by that is, you must understand that you play a male-dominated game. You must understand that you will be treated equally. You will get your !@# chewed just like the boys, and be geared just like the boys. You get zero special treatment, and zero negative treatment. You are people.

As for the "thick skin" comment, if you are offended by sexist jokes turn away now. This includes, but is not limited to: sandwich making, barefoot, kitchen, shopping, and laundry.

And finally, this is a raiding guild NOT e-harmony. If you absolutely need an e-BF, please look elsewhere.

I'm not going to ask you to down-play your gender, or not be proud of your femininity; we have quite a few female raiders. However, if my raid is more focused on e-vag than e-dragons, we've got issues.

Recruitment Needs
Paladin - CLOSED
Warrior - CLOSED
Death Knight - Blood (for the right person)
Shaman - Enhance
Hunter - CLOSED
Druid - Boomkin with a viable resto OS
Rogue - 1
Priest - Holy / Disc (With an emphasis on holy)
Mage - 1
Warlock - 1

If your class is listed as closed, but you have the balls to challenge one of our core raiders and take his/her spot. By all means go ahead and app.

The type of players we're looking for understand the following:
-You can maintain close to 100% attendance.
-You are a very skilled player and not relying on gear or better players to carry you.
-You show up prepared. Gold, gems, enchants, and consumables are never a problem.
-You have a raider's mentality and enjoy learning new content. Wiping for 4 hours is not a problem.
-You are situationally aware and able to multitask. If you stand in bad things do not apply.
-You have a progression orientated attitude, communication skills, and are a team player who can take criticism well.
-You are looking for a long term guild.

Want To Join?
Apply @ TopShelfSargeras.com
Contact: Tess (Destiny#1810), Soopie (Strues#1177) Thirtyseven, Darksiderz

When you reach the website please look for the link on the left side bar. It will say "Apply". It will then bring you to our application area.
However, if my raid is more focused on e-vag than e-dragons, we've got issues.

This sentence made this well worth the read.
Few moar for heroic progression Leggo :3
Hmmm...management change?
Hmmm...management change?

Why you ask? :o
Updated stuff, Soopie's dik pics as a sign-on bonus. & possibly a Nighthawking session with Soopie himself.
04/25/2013 10:33 PMPosted by Tess
Hmmm...management change?

Why you ask? :o

http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8729062993 on some nights i can only stay till 1130 @ the latest cuz i have to be up by 6 am every other 2 weeks this is for a mage . and a war i see its closed for war any chance for a spot ?

Our spots are very competitive, so by all means if you think you have what it takes throw up an app /shameless bump
Druids? -.-
04/25/2013 10:33 PMPosted by Tess
Hmmm...management change?

Why you ask? :o

More please
still wtb tree :o
Bump for a Crit chicken & Tree!
Soopie still offering dikpix for a tree and chicken
still waiting on my priest pics and waiting on a tree and chicken
Soopie still offering dikpix for a tree and chicken

Wow, what a deal. We're going to have to step up our recruitment.

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