Log-in Glitch on Battle.net Sites

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Sadly, it's broken again.
Yeah. I was all WOOT and WOOHOO...but now I'm all WAHH.

Le Sigh.
I have not had to log in at all today for some reason versus 4 times or so the previous day.

Could just be dumb luck or maybe they changed something again.

Of course I probably jinxed myself now.
Came to put my say in here as its happening to me aswell.
Why is this still happening?

No matter what I do, even though I have "Remember Me" selected I have to log in every, single time I visit this site.

Some more information would be greatly appreciated, this is getting ridiculous for how long it's been going on.
I'm once again having this issue. I thought it had stopped, as it wasn't asking me for my information for about a week.. then it started again.. then stopped.. then it's started once again a couple days ago and hasn't stopped since. It's a bit frustrating.. XD
Same. It seemed better for a while and then I just got logged out...right after making a post even. Multiple tabs to WoW, Knowledge base, and D3 forums were open and nothing changed between them. This is even more annoying when I have a half finished post in one of the tabs. Firefox 21.0

Please please stop making me log back in multiple times a day just to post.
Why in the heck are we having other newer problems on the website addressed and given info and yet we still have nothing new on this?

Even though it persist after the supposed fixes?

Tell us something!

This problem is terribly annoying.
I'm being logged out off and on and I don't even close the browser.

I have the forums open in a tab all day. I go to change the page after being tabbed into game for a raid finder segment or something, tab out, refresh page.. logged out.

It does it randomly. Like, this didn't happen the day before yesterday, but its doing it now. It's not asking for the authenticator, just wants my b.net/pw again.
Tell us something about this.

Been far too long since anything has been said by you Blizzard website people.
The site is doing the "log-in, log-out" thing way too much again in the past few days. I know I myself would like to know a bit more about what's going on as well, considering they did put a patch in a while back that seemed to have fixed it for some people - just not everyone. Now it appears to be coming back for many people.
Another week gone with nothing said.

Happens constantly to me whether using IE or Chrome.

The authenticator part drives me nuts.
Ongoing issue these last few months, firefox 21.0. I sometimes get a half a day between logouts.
This was better for about two weeks. I have been logged out twice today despite being at exactly the same PC and IP address. Please make this stop. I am getting very very grumpy and it makes it hard to assist players.
I never saw it get better. Every time I return to web page it is the same thing. I am logged out and I have to re-enter my password and use my authtenticator. I always click tab keep me logged in and on the authenticator to remember computer for 30 days. WoW cant remember my last log in much less 30 days. This is getting gold quickly. I wish the webpage and the game were separate. Its not like my webpage can be hacked. I just don't want to be hacked in game. But since you can access batttlenet through the webpage I guess I will have to put up with the aggravation.

Blizz fix this. It's getting real old.

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