ER Alliance & Horde activity faily high?

Earthen Ring
I'd like to find a single server for my Horde and Alliance toons so I can share heirlooms. Most servers seem to have really high Horde or Alliance activity but not both - how is ER?

I am 100% PvE and a social player first and foremost, so I'm looking for:

- Good AH activity for me to sell my gathered mats
- social level 25 leveling guilds
- No empty Stormwind or Ogrimar (I like seeing other people around :) )

What do you think? ER a good place to play for me?

Thanks for any advice.
Yes it is quite evenly matched
There's a pretty good balance between Horde and Alliance honestly. Wowprogress reports a 1 : 0.62 ratio for Horde to Alliance, which is not bad at all.

The raiding is pretty good too. There's probably something for everyone (although there's only like two 25mans on the server cough cough), although ER isn't like wrecking faces or anything. There's two guilds Horde-side that have started on Heroic Progression (both 1/13H), and one guild Alliance side (2/13H). There's definitely a good couple of guilds that are close to 12/12N too.
tyvm! I am not really a progression raiding person - more interested in activity and fun people. I love the AIE folks Horde side - curious if there is similar activity Alliance side.

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