Looking for Ghost Iron Ore suppliers.

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my post. As the subject line states, I am looking for full time suppliers of Ghost Iron Ore. I am relatively new to the server and am looking to strike up some mutually beneficial, long term business relationships. On my previous server I had several long term suppliers. I generally offered a set price per stack (re-negotiable if terms became unfair in favor of either party) and they would either simply COD to me on a daily basis; or contact me in game and trade/pay up. Which ever you feel more comfortable doing is fine with me.
If you are a hardcore, hour after hour farmer, or simply farm some on the weekends to pay your raiding/pvp expenses, lets talk. I cannot keep my gem inventory stocked and would like to make arrangements to remedy this. I would welcome any and all ore you can provide.
Standing offer:
- 62g per stack - irregardless of AH prices. (While it is true sometimes ore will be more expensive or cheaper on AH, this is an immediate sell with no AH posting charge or chance to be undercut. I won't generally change the price too much but if its obvious you or I are getting a raw deal I'm sure we can strike a good deal again.)

- Unlimited stacks. (Within reason - I have never had a supplier that could over supply, as I just continue to cut gems until my alts g-bank is full, however 10,000 stacks a day, everyday might be too much)

- Will also supply and cut a reasonable amount of gems for you a week. (Reasonable is something of an ambiguous term, but if I'm online and your one of my suppliers, hit me up and ask I haven't declined one yet!)

- I am also a LW and would be glad to craft you some items if needed.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, reply below or hit me up in game. Looking forward to doing business!
My in game tag is Democratis#1748
Still looking!

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