[A] <Ruin> is recruiting for 25 Man Raiding

Ruin is a Darkspear establishment and one of the oldest guilds on the server. We are PvE progression guild that formed on January 11, 2005. We pride ourselves on having seen every ounce of content ... from the old 40 man Naxx to the current Throne of Thunder, to the World Dragons and the servers only pre-BC C'thun kill.

Ruin is a 25 man raid oriented progression guild that is currently 12 / 12 and 1 / 13. Our raid times are Tuesday through Thursday from 6pm ST to 9 pm ST.

We are looking for dedicated raiders that are at least 500 ilvl that love the idea of 25 man progression. Our current needs are:

1 to 2 Healers (Monk, Druid)
1 to 2 Ranged DPS (Ele Shaman, Hunter, Warlock, Shadow Priest)
1 to 2 Melee DPS (Enhance Shaman, Monk)

If interested,pst to Krakyn / Nebraska, Silvia, or Agrevail in game ... or visit our website at www.ruin-ds.com
Is this the Ruin from Ruin Gaming? Part of the old guild "Ruinous" from Kil'Jaeden?
Is this the Ruin from Ruin Gaming? Part of the old guild "Ruinous" from Kil'Jaeden?

No, this is the Ruin that has been actively raiding on Darkspear since Jan 2005 and no place else.
KK I didn't know, thanks for answering my question :D
/bump ... where have all the healers gone.
this is darkspear. finding healers is damn near impossible. unless you doing pvp
hi i m a 508 boomie lf a raiding guild and i'll love to try out 25m
Hi, I'd like to apply. I r Ele shamz @_@
Bumps for Krakyn's tail
I just moved to this realm and I have a Resto druid 503 ilvl name Nukingfuts. I would like to join a 25man raids grp. I came from norgannon and the raiding on that realm is pretty dead. If you need a resto druid just hit me up in game.

Nukingfuts ... I'll find you in-game and speak with you.

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