ret pallies 5.3

well i just returned to wow after 1 and half years since i didnt like cata to much after the first half or so, i returned 2 months ago to realize i forgot username and password so had to create new acount and start all over again...not the point the point is since i just returned after the short break what are some good 3s comps for ret paladins, i know how to use my cds 1v1 against a healer pretty well, i soon am going to try to run with resto druid and bm or mm hunter which ever one he likes coming 5.3, im still finishing my trink gearing and soon im going to be going for tyranical gear in full.

so any good comps out there for a ret pally who knows his abilities?

and do you all think were going to be keeping the upcoming 5.3 buff to swords of light

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