[H] 11/12 LF Holy Paladin for 12 & Heroics!!

<Died of Dysentery> of Hyjal


Is recruiting:

An absolutely insane Holy Paladin to poop rainbows all over our health bars.
*You will be held to a very high standard – our healers take things pretty seriously.
**We would consider a –really- good Disc Priest as well but would much prefer Paladin.

Also potentially interested in a Mage or Rogue who can come in here and embarrass our dps.


Tues & Thurs - 6:30-10 server/PST (9:30-1:00 EST). We will often add either a Sunday or Monday night raid at the same time for progression. Occasionally we push the end time by ~15min.

- Are a group of ex-hardcore/heroic raiders from several guilds and servers, who have come together here on Hyjal to pursue heroic raiding on a lighter schedule.
- Between our characters, have early “Glory of the -Whatever- Raider” for just about every tier of content ever released, as well as several early clears of AQ40, Naxx, BT, Sunwell.
- Are currently 11/12 Normal in Throne. Not bad progression but well behind where we want to be at this point into a patch.
- Are gonna get it on the radio.

- Confident in your ability to 2 heal many fights in Throne of Thunder
- Ready to begin progression on Lei’Shen and heroic modes this week and next.
- Heroic experience in past tiers a plus.
- Have a positive attitude towards progression, are a team player, and are not motivated solely by loot.
- Run all the necessary mods to improve your performance as a healer/raider.
- Gonna pop some tags.

PST me at Lovedrug#1174, Spartan, or Sinfiny to get in touch.

Thanks for reading! Look forward to chatting in game. If you don’t fit the points listed at the very top but feel like you’d be a good addition to the team please reach out anyway – we’re always happy to discuss possibilities!
I once had a dream, to be a Holy Paladin some day. But everything changed when the fire nation attacked.


Come play with us.
I would be interested. I'm not quite at you're progressin though, im 4/12 right now but I know 6/12. I'm sure I can learn fast. Anyway up to you guys if you wanna give me a shot tonight. I will check this thread periodically today while im at work.

Hey dude, we'd love to chat if you have a chance to pop on. Please add me to RealID or reach out to Spartan, Sinfiny, or Twitty and let us know when would be best.

Otherwise, still looking for a great Paladin or Disc Priest!

Lookin' for love, and feelin' groovy.

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