Tier 15 2 set bonus - to use or not to use...

Death Knight
So here is my dilemma. I got a tier piece of hands but currently had the 522 Vulcanadon Gauntlets so obviously just threw those in my bank. Yesterday, lucky me, got the tier legs and chest piece. However, the legs are the exact same stats and when checking Mr. Robot says the ones I currently have equipped, Legplates of the Dark Parasite, give more dps on their best in slot rating. I DID equip the chest as I had a 496 item so it was a substantial upgrade.

I just don't know if I should bother switching out the legs to get the 2 piece set bonus for the extra chance at a ghoul. I have tried to read up on it a bit and ppl say you can get more than one ghoul but they are upredictable, whatever that is supposed to mean. Hopefully not that they will just run around and pull stuff, cause i'm sure you dont get a pet bar for them. Since i'm unholy and have a ghoul, I just dont know if there is much of a dps increase that would warrant the change.

Additionally, the Shado-Pan gear all shows best in slot over the LFR tier gear. So, is the 4 piece even worth trying to get 502 vs. shado-pan 522?

I'm in love with it, replaced my 502 tier legs with 522 from Nalak not an hour ago.

I've had up to 4 of them up at once, they hit like your empowered ghoul. 15 mins on a target dummy had them at 4.5% total damage, so if its 502 tier 2 piece vs 502 non 2 piece go with the tier from my tests. If you're considering breaking it for 522 replacements, that'd probably be best to try out yourself.

Edit: for you I'd say go with the tier legs and play with the 2 piece for now. I know I already said it but I want to reiterate. I absolutely LOVE it.

Nice transmog :D
Thanks Buquethead! Sounds like sound advice to me. I haven't actually had a chance to see anyone with these ghouls in action so 4 at once sounds fun!

Glad you like the transmog, I'm still trying to get the legs which is actually the hottest part of the set! ;)
The two piece is AWESOME. I don't know how to describe it, but I just feel like a bada$$ whenever I get more than two up at once. The most I've gotten is four.

As for the mechanics of the thing, they basically autoattack your target for about 10k, and only attack what you're attacking. Where they're 'unpredictable' is in the rate at which they spawn. I've gotten two back to back, and a third one not long after. The very next pull, it took about two minutes before even one showed up. But honestly, that's a minor inconvenience at best.
It does decent damage and more than one can spawn at a time.

So, don't want to hijack this thread but my question is along the same lines...
I currently have my 2 piece (522 hands and chest) which I thoroughly enjoy! My dilemma is that I just got 522 (non-tier) shoulders last night and am trying to figure out if I should equip them or not. I don't put a ton of trust into sites like AskMrRobot, but he is currently showing that holding onto my tier 14 is still a significant DPS buff over replacing it. Anyone else finding this as well? Also, how do you guys feel about the 4 piece bonus... personally I feel that barely buffing an ability that I rarely used anyways is kinda !@#$!
Festerblight + 3 ghouls in a burst phase = massive burst. Make the other dps in your team fear the burst of an Unholy DK. Do eet. Hell, even as frost, the other night on Dumuru I hit 390k burst. All obliterate crits + 4 ghouls. Unreal.

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