Ret paladins in 3s

Well just last night me and two guildies decided to do some 3s. my partners are a dis priest and a bm hunter. i soon plan on us working on timing our cc and stuns to perfection as i have a slight idea on how to keep a healer from healing. is this a good comp to go with, i do have fun with these players and well i can always help out with heals if healer gets little low or if he gets silenced.

any tips with my 3s team, and will working on our cc perfection timing on dummies help...any info is much helpful, thanks for your time and your awnsers!
Decent comp.
Key is have a /cast [target=focus] fist of justice
Focus your cc target, have hunter so the same thing with his perspective cc and silencing shot.
Focus healer and cc, pop burst on a dps = win.
Be sure to have a macro (and keybound) for both hand of sac and hand of protection for your healer.
Eg. Keybind 'shift-1' to cast /cast [@player1] hand of sacrifice 'shift-2' /cast [@player1] hand of protection. Replace player 1 with disc's name
then for your hunter do the same but for example do 'alt-1' to cast /cast [@player2] hand of sacrifice 'alt-2' /cast [@player2] hand of protection
Sacrifice is very important due to it having a magic dispel now.
You can also do the same things with your heals or better yet get addons like healbot continued and bind left click as WoG and right click FoL for when selfless healer procs. Or just write a macro and keybind it, does the same thing.

Btw, I was only using alt 1/2 and shift 1/2 as an example.

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